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You will leave the job soon, who told this to Pakistan’s first Hindu woman DSP?

Updated: July 29, 2022 1:00 pm

Hindu woman Manisha Rupeta has created history by becoming the DSP of Pakistan. Manisha Rupeta has become the first Hindu female DSP of Pakistan. A resident of Jakubabad district of Pakistan, Manisha Rupeta has recently been posted as DSP. It is worth mentioning that Manisha Rupeta had given the Sindh Public Service Commission exam in the year 2019, in which she got 16th rank. Although Manisha Rupeta had earlier prepared for medical, she could have become a doctor, but later she decided to serve the country by wearing a police uniform.

Manisha says that women in Pakistan are generally reluctant to go to police stations and courts. They go to these places only with a male member of the family. It is believed that girls from good families don’t go to the police station, so I wanted to change this perception. Police profession has always fascinated and inspired me. I always felt that this profession can play an important role in empowering women in society.

According to media reports, three other sisters of Manisha Rupeta have studied medicine. She was expected to study MBBS too but when she could not pass the exam, she decided to join the police service. However, later Manisha Rupeta took a degree in physical therapy.

Pakistan’s first Hindu woman DSP Manisha Rupeta said that the people of her community are very happy with her becoming the DSP. However, some of her relatives said that she would not be able to stay in this field for long and she would have to change her job.

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