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Yogi: In Style of Its Own

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: June 9, 2020 8:20 pm

The way Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has demonstrated his political acumen, social experience, leadership skills, readiness and strong will to take decisions during the Corona crisis, he has become a symbol of light in the dark. The uniqueness the UP government has displayed during the challenging days of this crisis, from controlling the Corona effect to readiness to treat infections, and to arranging resources in the medical field, it has simply been exemplary. While India and all other countries of the world are suffering from the Coronavirus, the government of Uttar Pradesh under the stewardship of Yogi has maintained effective control over the spread of Corona with better strategic management. Owing to the Corona virus infection, the Yogi government at this time has the challenge of re-conducting economic activities as well as rehabilitation of lakhs of migrant workers, who have returned to their homeland. Therefore, the Uttar Pradesh government has prepared a district-wise list of migrant workers in the state and is bringing them back from different states. Besides, skill data of these workers is being prepared, so that employment arrangements can be made for them in the state. In this difficult period, the government is working on the policy of ‘Har Hath ko Kam Mile’. Against this backdrop, the UP government recently signed an MoU with the Indian Industries Association, CII and other industrial organisations, which will generate 11 lakh 50 thousand employment opportunities in the state. In addition to this, after reviewing the works of Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Authority, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath gave instructions to resume economic activities and complete them within the time limit. He clearly stated that Transganga City Unnao, Saraswati Hitech City Prayagraj, Plastic Park Dibiyapur, Food Park Bahedi Industrial Area, Perfume Park Kannauj, Moradabad Special Economic Zone should be expedited. And through these projects also provide employment opportunities to the migrant workers. He also directed to activate the existing industrial units rapidly, take up the proposed units on the ground and devise a strategy to attract new investment. Since delay in decision making is a hindrance in capital investment and industrial development, quick decisions have to be taken. No wonder, in the state, rules have been simplified, and transparency brought in.

It cannot be gainsaid that at present Yogi Adityanath has an ardent task before him to fulfil the expectations of the people of the state so as to bring it out from the clutches of the Corona crisis. Not only did law and order improve during his regime, but also the state witnessed serious attention of the government to many important sectors like agriculture, industry, power, health, education and infrastructure. When the Yogi government took over, the state was in total disarray and the administration was in a complete mess due to the faulty policies of the previous governments, but Yogi is scripting new chapters in the history of the state so as to put it on the upward growth trajectory. An unblemished saint, well educated, having good political experience as an active parliamentarian, Yogi is a strong leader. Despite having no RSS background, he rose from the grassroots level merely on the basis of his capability and compatibility.  Hence, it would be apt to say that during the Corona crisis, Yogi Adityanath has assumed the image of being a trusted leader, real development man, having sensitive leadership qualities, as he is endeavouring to give Uttar Pradesh a new identity with all his decisions. No surprise, Uttar Pradesh would soon be able to face every situation. If all goes well, there will be ample employment opportunities in Uttar Pradesh in the coming years. Every person will get work, based on his ability and skill, and migration from the state will come to a stop. Having said this, it is noteworthy that Yogi has to be further observant in taking decisions–what to do and what not to do. If he becomes successful in making Uttar Pradesh an example for other states to emulate, then he would be another national leader in making to perform a bigger role.



By Deepak Kumar Rath



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