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“Yoga Can Improve The Lifestyle Of Every Human Being” —Swami Aprukhyanand Saraswati

Updated: August 18, 2012 1:03 pm

“There is a disorder known as ‘Pancreatitis’ which causes severe pain. Even pain killers are ineffective. We cure it without the use of medicines. In allopathy, there is no cure for slip-disc and spondylitis but for us, these are the easiest diseases to cure without much hard work,” said Swami Aprukhyanand Swami, Founder, International Spiritual Health Academy (ISHA). He has carved a niche for himself by serving humankind through Yoga and Pranic treatment. He uses alternative medicine without using any allopathic medicine and heals patients through the mind and soul. In an interview to Uday India Correspondent Monalisa, Swamiji talked about Yoga and Pranic treatment at length. Excerpts:


How do you make people realise that diseases can be cured without medicine?

We can detect the disease at an initial stage so that it can be cured. The metabolic problem can be detected at an early stage due to malfunctioning of various systems. Our body has two major types of Kriyas: One is biochemical secretion in which enzymes and hormones are secreted which regulate and stimulate not only the physical behaviour but also the mental and emotional behaviour. These biochemical secretions can be increased or decreased through hormones. Second is the manufacturing by the body. The ability to produce something is hampered when we are afflicted with some disease. What allopathy does in such cases is that it replaces the organs but doesn’t repair them. It doesn’t recharge or revive the organs. But we find out the main cause and revive the organ so as to correct the malfunction.


For how long have you been doing this work?

I have been doing this work for the last 45 years now.


Where did you learn this art?

Once in my childhood, I was very ill. I was admitted twice or thrice to the hospital. Later, my eyesight weakened. When I went to a Christian hospital to see a doctor, he gave me a number for my spectacles. When I asked him the reason behind the weakening of my eyes, he attributed it to the lack of luminous power. I further asked whether there was any remedy for my illness. He said that there was no such remedy but if I wanted to groom my eyes, I could try shirshasana. I am talking about 1962 when people were unaware of yogasana. I tried to find a suitable place where no one could get me and there I started practising shirshasana. But since it was new to me, I couldn’t perform it properly. One day my classmate taught me how to do it correctly. After practicing that for few months, my eyesight improved and then I felt that yoga could improve the lifestyle of every human being. Since then I have been preaching and practising yoga.


What, in your opinion is the main reason for number of patients increasing?

In today’s life, mental stress is more detrimental than diseases. We are occupied with tensions all the time. But who is responsible for all this? We have made our lives so hectic that we attract diseases on our own. Even a small kid is now afflicted with some kind of tension. But we should keep everything under control. If blood pressure is too low, it leads to a hypo condition, and one starts feeling uneasy, if blood pressure is too high, it leads to hypertension. This is the main reason so many people are getting afflicted with diseases.


You treat people without making use of any medicine. What is the main mechanism with the help of which you cure diseases?

Meditation is our main treatment. We focus on one’s thought process and attitude. We treat one by changing the thought process, converting negative perception into positive one. All this is done through the power of meditation, which has a power of healing.

Can you cure incurable diseases like diabetes and polio?

There is no such therapy which can cure diabetes—whether it be yoga therapy, allopath, homeopathy or naturopathy. We find out the root of malfunctioning and then we start treatment. After that, diabetes can be eliminated. We have a programme called “Servicing the human body”. In this we take a few days’ time and make the body and mind healthy. We can also make a child suffering from polio stand on his own feet within five to six days.

There is a disorder known as ‘Pancreatitis’ which causes a severe pain. Even pain killers are ineffective. We cure it without the use of medicines. In allopathy, there is no cure for slip-disc and spondylitis but for us, these are common diseases to cure without much hard work.


What are the highlights of your programme, “Servicing the human body”?

The major highlights of our camp are ‘Detoxification of the body’ and ‘Purification of the mind’. Popularisation of preventive health care system is our aim. Our slogan is: Be the doctor of your own body and soul. We diagnose five main parts—liver, kidney, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas. We carry out proper tests and check how many disorders are there. Then we decide the diagnosing period. We make use of nerves diagnosis and treat the approaching nerves to the kidney, pancreas and liver. We stimulate the organs; correct their false functions without any external aid. During meditation, we stimulate patients through specific asana.

We make use of Astropathy. The duration of our camp is ten days. The initial three four days are allowed for diagnosing the disease. After ten days, if the patient requires further care, we suggest that he should come for a second camp after two or three months.

What further steps are you going to take in the future?

We are planning to provide training on preventive health care system. This will be the world’s first such programme where we will provide five-point training, namely, Switching off the brain, Art of sleeping as one who sleeps well does well, Art of breathing, Art of diet explaining what to eat, How to eat and When to eat, and Art of detoxification.


What message do you want to convey to the readers?

This body and brain belong to us. We are responsible for them. Thus we should take proper care of them.

(Swami Aprukhyanand Saraswati may be contacted at ISHA, Chandreswar Nagar, Near Himalayan Hospital, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand)

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