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Yeddi again steady Karnataka Dil Se

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: August 17, 2019 3:14 pm

The result of Lok Sabha elections in Karnataka against Congress-JDS coalition was a clear indication that the people of Karnataka were fed up with the ongoing political power tussle between the ruling alliance. Things were not going well smoothly and HD Kumaraswamy had expressed his displeasure that he was not allowed by the dissident alliance members to run his government smoothly. Running an alliance government is an art and one hopes it was not his cup of tea to manage his own party members and the Congress that ultimately ended up his government with high political drama. The BJP under the leadership of its most competent farmer leader and master blaster BS Yediyurappa took the chance to fish in the troubled political waters of Karnataka politics and he took over the reins of rule as he had promised last time when he had lost the trust vote. Yeddi is a grassroots level leader who understands the nitty-gritty of Karnataka politics, and is accepted and respected by leaders outside his party. For the last week I have been in Bengaluru, and I could see that it is only Yeddi who could be successful in the blossoming of lotus again in Southern Indian state Karnataka. The secular media is now shouting from the rooftops about the relevance of morality in politics. But why did they maintain a studied silence when the same political drama was unfolded in Tamil Nadu? I must congratulate BJP that it is the only party that is always successful in running a coalition government and the late Atal Behari Vajpayee was the pioneer in this endeavour.

Now the political future of 17 disqualified members from the JDS and the Congress is in jeopardy at least for now, as per the ruling of the former Speaker Ramesh Kumar. It would be a tough challenge for the expelled MLAs to get permission from the Supreme Court or from the Election Commission. The Supreme Court had clearly asked Kumar to decide on the resignation issue, which he chose to ignore. Although it comes under the domain of the Speaker for taking a decision on the issue of disqualification, at least he should have given time to the MLAs for their submissions and then only taken a decision. But Kumar apparently did not follow this, which was unexpected of him. Thus, it is now a time-consuming process for the MLAs to fight their own battle to contest the bi-election for the remaining period of this Assembly. One must remember the case of Tamil Nadu here that the Speaker had disqualified 18 AIDMK rebels in September 2017 but the bi-polls were held nearly 19 months later in April 2019.

As far as the health of Yediyurappa government is concerned, at least there is no problem now in running a smooth government. Yeddi has always proved his political mettle and set a record in Karnataka by becoming the chief minister for the fourth time. Immediately he has no concern for the disqualified MLAs to induct in his cabinet. Now in the House, the BJP has got majority and has won trust vote. The whole state would have an eye on the development agenda of Yediyurappa he always claimed for. He got an opportunity now to prove his credentials to put the derailed state onto the track of development in every field–be it development of infrastructure or concern for the farmers. His fourth time as CM gives him a chance to regain the faith of the Central leadership of the party and to remake his own fractured image as an alleged corruption man. Yeddi has also arch rivals inside the party, who would sharply observe his activities and report this to the national party president. Narendra Modi cannot allow Yediyurappa taking anything for granted, as far as the image of the party is concerned. as his past record shows. The veteran politician and chief minister must work in tandem with the party men with a well-articulated strategy, select performers in his cabinet to make a mark in the history of Karnataka. Yediyurappa has really got a golden opportunity now, as he can get best cooperation from the Centre for the development of the state. He would not be allowed to take any plea for any unbecoming in the state. When I met Yediyurappa at his residence in Bengaluru, he was visibly tensed but replied me that he was ready to take up the challenge and fulfil the aspirations of the people of Karnataka. One hopes so and time will prove his credentials.


By Deepak Kumar Rath


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