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Write Less, Say More

Updated: April 6, 2016 11:33 am

What is Twitter for, anyway?

You must heard it a lot: Facebook and Instagram are for connecting with friends, LinkedIn with business colleagues. So what exactly am I supposed to do with Twitter thing? It’s time to stop thinking of Twitter as a social network. It’s more of a news network. People spend 75 per cent time of the  time in the app getting news on everything from politics to technology to lifestyle. Twitter is one of the few places where you can get direct access to the newsmakers, too, and eavesdrop on conversations between people you’ll never meet in real life. It’s OK to use Twitter only as a real-time news wire, and only launch the app when you want to keep up with live events like the Filmfare awards, Prime Minister’s speech, ICC cricket tournament etc. You’ll likely find it to be faster, franker and funnier than Facebook.


Once called a pound sign, the # identifies what people are saying about a topic or event. Put one in front of a phrase (no spaces!) and that tweet shows up in a list of others with the same hashtag. Use sparingly.


This is really just a fancy word for “share.” When you “retweet,” you are sharing someone else’s tweet verbatim with your followers.

Direct Message

Get with the lingo! These private messages are often called DMs. The messages can be longer than 140 characters and even include photos and video.

@ Reply

To get in touch with someone, put @ before their username. But when your tweet starts with a name, you need a period in front of it (example: .@udayindiaonline) if you want your followers to see the tweet in their feeds.


Once upon a Twitter, there was a favorite button on tweets, and people “favorited” things. Now there’s a heart. Twitter says it means “like” but “hearting” and “hearted” seems to be catching on as a verb.

Who do I follow and how do I keep up?

Of course, one of the best parts about Twitter is customizing your experience by following the accounts and people you’re most interested in. If you want to see what’s trending in your immediate circles now, the best bet is a service called Nuzzel. When you sign in with your account, it shows you the top stories being circulated by accounts you follow.


Who am I supposed to talk to?

As you develop your Twitter profile and the content you are sharing, just remember to continually ask yourself the question. “What’s in it for them?” When you tweet with your audience in mind, you are far more likely to hit on their needs, and that is exactly what you should be tweeting about.

By Sanjay k Bissoyi

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