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Working towards a Healthier Planet and Clean India as our Social Objective-Power Minister R.K. Singh

Updated: May 30, 2018 2:47 pm

NTPC has been at the forefront of Agro Residue and Municipal Solid Waste Management, to give the capital and NCR cleaner air. NTPC pro-actively ran a pilot project to use bio-mass for power generation, which proved that bio-mass conversion into power is a viable solution to better air quality. The intent is to generate power while keeping India’s environment healthy while we contribute to the Swachh Bharat programme”, R.K. Singh,  Minister of State (I/C)- Power and New & Renewable Energy, said, while speaking at the inauguration of NTPC’s two–day conference on “Agro Residue and Municipal Solid Waste to Power: Challenges and Way Ahead for India.

He said, “Our long-term social objective is that of a healthier planet and there are costs attached to attain this objective. Our intent is to design policies so that our long-term social goals are met for clean India. Agro residue and municipal solid waste can both be used for power generation, we just need to address the challenges to optimally leverage this process.


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