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Work on your thoughts, not on emotion

Updated: March 25, 2018 1:29 pm

We might be the master of our own thoughts; still we are the slaves of our own emotion. Nobody wants disease. Nobody would be choosing to be diseased- everybody wants to be healthy. At the same time, we must understand that once you have a body, illness, old age, and death are natural process of life. Illness may happen at any moment. We take care to see that we are not ill, but if you become excessively concerned about illness or health that become illness. Illness means something that restricts your life in some way- that is why you don’t like it. But the fear of illness also restricts your life. It is illness by itself.

Generally, in society, people have been telling, “fear of death is natural.” The problem is that whatever the majority is doing becomes “natural.” If the majority was smoking cigarettes, people would say smoking is natural thing. But a human being is not made to smoke-you are not an automobile! It is not natural for you to smoke, but people will make it natural. So, fear of death has been made natural only by social situation.

Emotion the Juice of Life


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While speaking on people’s fear with death and dead body, Sadhguru says, “Today people are terrified of just seeing a dead body. Why? People die every day. I am not saying it is a small thing for the people who love and care for them. But why are people afraid to even see a dead body? Living bodies are dangerous- they can do so many things to you. Living people are capable of so many things. What will a dead body do to you? The safest thing is a dead body. Does any body think death will not come to them just because the word “death” is not in their vocabulary?”

Speaking on becoming egoless and humble, he says that everybody is claiming to be egoless and humble. Claiming to be humble is the worst sort of ego. One who claims to be egoless is a horror of an ego. At least straightforward ego is good.  What is an ego? Any number of people is claiming to be egoless and the victim of other people’s ego. If there is no ego, there is no survival process in human being. So the question being somebody being egoistic and somebody not being egoistic does not arise. Nobody can escape this; one you are identified with your physical body, the ego is there. Is it good or bad? It is neither good nor bad once you realize that you can create your ego the way the external situation demands.  To operate in different kind of situation you need different kind of egos. But the problem is that you have lost the distinction between what is you and what is your ego.

The book ‘Emotion’ the juice of life is the transcription of Sadhguru, who is educating his disciple through their questions and his answers. In this book he has touched upon very critical questions of life that is part of every individual. He has elaborated various aspects of human emotion and the implication arises through this. This book contains some of those great genuine facts which not only give pleasure but also refresh our thoughts. This book is full of philosophy and every section of people can understand this.


By Ravi Mishra





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