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Women Still Inferior Sex

Updated: January 24, 2015 2:29 pm

This, at least seems to be, the view of producers and script writers of a few serials telecast by various channels. It is unfortunate that no women’s organisations and groups have protested. Possibly the intellectuals and those who watch only serials from America have no idea how women are portrayed in some Indian serials. Of course, we have had interesting and educative serials which remind us of some greats in our history and also richness of our culture. Maharana Pratap, Jodha Akbar, Mahabharat and Emperor Ashok, the Great are some epics. But a few rotten fish pollute the entire pond.

In one of the popular serials Diya Bati Aur Hum, Rathis are basically uneducated and self-centred. One of their daughters-in-law is however an IPS officer who stood first at the Academy. She is posted in Pushkar as A.S.P where the Rathis live. In a hijacking, things went wrong and her mother-in-law got shot and severely injured. The officer Sandhya was at no fault. But her husband told her to leave his house and that she should not consider herself married to him. He was least bothered that his wife was hailed as daughter of India who saved the prestige of the country and saved lives of innocent passengers.

But Sandhya is shown as the weepy wife, a pativrata, who does not bother about the insults her husband and her father-in-law heap on her. She is forlorn, shedding tears of love and even refuses to go to Scotland for further training. Where such characters are found now? And even if found, should they be shown? The less educated women will feel that they too should bear all the callous behaviour of husbands, after all Sandhya did.

Then in one serial the wife of a patient who had gone for major surgery to extract a bullet struck near his heart and is in Intensive Care Unit, is seen lying in his bed clinging to him. Her hand strays near the place from where the bullet was extracted. She sleeps the whole night like that. Obviously no doctor or nurse came to the ICU.

What a portrayal of our hospital. If seen widely health tourism would instantly dry up.

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