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Wither The Presence

Updated: May 9, 2015 12:09 pm

India that is Bharat

ALTHOUGH as a practising journalist Satiricus is required to be ignorant of the language he writes, he is still somewhat ashamed to admit that even as a professional wordsmith he is not sure about the meaning of some words that are accepted tools of the pen pushing trade. Take Rahul’s case. On what type of a leave was he when he was suddenly found AWOL? Initially it was given out that he had gone somewhere to meditate. It sounded very much like a Sanyasi undertaking tapas. But of course doing tapas is a Hindu practice and so was unacceptably communal. So now that Rahul has magically materialised out of thin air, everybody, including editorialists, are saying he has returned from a sabbatical. Now, this is where illiterate Satiricus had to defer to the dons of the dictionary, from whom he learnt that Sabbath is a religious observance in both Judaism and Christianity marking a day of rest, and a sabbatical is a leave granted to a college teacher for study and travel. So Satiricus wonders…. Was this leader of secular India on a Jewish and / or Christian holiday, or was he on leave from a college for study and travel? That is just not possible. For a Gandhi has no need to learn. He knows everything. In fact, learning is so infra dig for the dynasty that when Rahul went to a college in England as a student, he had to hide behind a false (Italian) name. Anyway, Rahul is back and will head the family business of saving the country. But alas, the country has been saved by somebody—from the Congress. So now the Congress needs to be saved—from extinction. And if the Congress is headed for extinction, can the dynasty be far behind? To avert that dire possibility Rahul may have to take the final, desperate measure—go on another sabbatical.


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