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Wither Out  Black Mentality

Updated: December 1, 2016 1:48 pm

Modi, Modi and Modi! He-Man Modi. My God! What happened to all? The poor, farmers, traders, terrorists, political leaders, officers, enemies of our nation–all are watchful now in the name of Modi. The common man is little relaxed now and the poor and the backward people, despite having some troubles, are supporting Modi. Our borders are safe now. Our soldiers are feeling proud of this PM. No riot, no corruption but fearless living. In fact, the whole nation is quite confident that the man, upon whom they had reposed their faith to run a hassle-free government, is taking the nation in the right direction. The by-election results in favour of BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh prove the fact that the common man is supporting demonetisation decision.   Thanks to the 56-inch He-Man Modi, upon whom India relies now. When Modi travelled across the globe, his political opponents criticised it, but he became a world leader. When Modi has started action against black money, as there was a massive hue and cry for not chalking out any strategy against black money, the same group is opposing it. Now, one wonders whether Modi should run the government in the interest of its nation or like Dr. Manmohan Singh, whose Government was run through remote control.

  The demonetisation decision will, no doubt, have a serious impact on the parallel economy of black money in the country. In a warlike situation like this when black money menace threatens the whole economic structure of India, we have got to fight this war to finish it out. Yes, there will be some pain, some damage, but one should be prepared for such collateral damage. Nothing is gained without pain. We have to appreciate our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his action, which put politicians, who are holding black money and making much hullabaloo in Parliament with crocodile tears for public, in the dock.  It cannot be gainsaid that the basic requirement in this country is transparency and to plug the loopholes for generating black money. The government is tackling it on multiple fronts in a series of initiatives that the government has taken since it came to power, which demonstrates that the government is serious in this regard. |While suggestions to improve the system to address black money is most welcome, just to hogwash the demonetisation that things will not improve is a negativism that many so-called economists and journalists, who act as experts in the field, are professing.  It is apt to say that these people do not comment on effects of counterfeit currency on terror financing, on changes in attitude of citizens towards accounting, corruption and payment methods (from cash to cashless), which is beneficial in long term for the economy. They do not comment on Modi government bringing inefficiency of banking system on the forefront and thus, making pressure on itself and banks to improve it. Modi has stirred up the hornets’ nest and it needs courage to challenge the system you are part of. Just because economic activities got hampered in short run–having ripple effect in medium term–doesn’t make sense to maintain status quo in other vital dimensions of the economy. The people know how the black money is impacting their daily lives and hence have given a big thumbs up despite the hardships. So, the naysayers should wait for a few months before they give their opinions.

Furthermore, those opposing the demonetisation are repeatedly raising the point that it will not affect black money, giving the impression that any attempt to flush out the black money is tantamount to mopping the dirty floor under the shower.   When the government gave an opportunity of Income Declaration Scheme during June-September this year, only a few opted and the hoarders of black money kept quiet. So, the government has to take a drastic action by doing demonetisation. If demonetisation is not done, all the unscrupulous hoarders of unaccounted money, corrupt fellows and terrorists will thrive independently ever to do the harmful to the common man. Hence, it is hypothetical to question that by doing demonetisation whether the entire black money can be rooted out. It is noteworthy that demonetisation is path in the right direction but there are hurdles–some by accident and some by purpose. No one is saying it is a walk on flowers but it is nothing compared to the struggle we all have been through for over last 65 years and lost self-respect during these years. We all should be ashamed of our self to think doing bad is okay since everybody does the same. And it is the common man who has to suffer for want to reap all the benefits. In the end, we have declared the war, and let us use all our might to defeat the monster of black money once for all.

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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