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Updated: May 23, 2015 5:21 pm

Bollywood is a world in itself. A star who has openly lived with someone gets married to another star and is as well accepted as any other single woman who did not have a live-in relationship.

The same benchmark will decide if Salman Khan’s brand image will be affected. An estimated Rs.45 crore is riding on his brand endorsements, according to celebrity management professionals. He is the brand ambassador for a clutch of brands, including soft drink Thums Up, detergent brand Wheel and many others.

Suhel Seth, managing partner at Counselage, a strategic brand advisory, was quoted saying  the conviction will not have an impact on Salman Khan’s brand value and popularity.”Khan has had brushes with the law even earlier and he continued to endorse brands. We, as a country, are quick to forgive and forget. And why not, you have to move on.”

Seth also reminded that actor Sanjay Dutt continued endorsing a jewellery brand even after being sentenced in 2013 to a five-year prison term for possessing illegal weapons bought from gangsters accused of orchestrating the 1993 serial bombings in Mumbai. His campaigns still run in newspapers.

“In the case of Salman Khan, his talent and popularity remain untouched. A sentence would not change that. A brand manager’s decision is based on whether the endorser can carry the brand credo forward.”

Today, of the total industry box office collections, Salman Khan, along with Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan, collectively contribute around 50 per cent annually. “The last few years have seen him deliver many commercial hits,” Singh said.

But some did not agree.

One media buyer was cited saying, he may end up losing nearly one-third of his endorsement deals. “Multinational companies have strict guidelines in place when it comes to using a brand ambassador who is convicted. In most likelihood, Khan will be dropped by these brands and the campaigns may also be pulled off air.”

But Coca-Cola India said: “We hold the court verdict in the highest regard. We are evaluating the next steps.”

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