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Will Parliament again be an Akhada?

Updated: February 26, 2016 2:06 pm

Both corporate world and the common man have focused on the Budget session. Whether the railway fares will go up, whether the cigarette, bidi will be taxed more, is the worry of even jhuggiwallah. As for the middle class, almost the whole budget is a matter of concern. Big companies and MNCs hire lawyers, chartered accountants, tax specialists to listen to the Finance Minister’s speech and evaluate for them, how the budget will affect their business.

But will peace prevail and will debates be allowed to let take place? The winter session was lost in the din caused by some opposition MPs, mostly of the Congress. One was told that after a few days’ disturbance, Sonia Gandhi wanted her MPs to stop causing disruption in the two Houses, especially in the Rajya Sabha, bur Rahul Gandhi was of the view that by blocking business of the House, he will be able to stop the Modi government from carrying out any reforms and thus make Modi unpopular and thereby reduce odds of his winning the 2019 election.

05-03-2016Rahul over-ruled his mother and the disturbance continued. The in the Rajya Sabha, where the BJP is in minority, 49 per cent of its scheduled business time was lost. It managed to pass only ten bills and sixty-six bills, including the all-important GST Bill remained pending.

Everyone is hoping the Budget session will be allowed by Rahul Bhaiya to conduct business normally. One’s hope is a bit dim. Ever since he returned from his mysterious introspection sojourn abroad, Rahul seems primed to fire salvos after salvos at Narendra Modi. And his favourite shrapnel is that Modi has done nothing, except touring to foreign countries.

If then Rahul allows the Parliament to function, reform bills will get through, especially GST, which he knows could do wonders. The fact that the BJP does not have majority in the Rajya Sabha will not stop the passage of GST bill. It will help Nitish Kumar, whose MPs will vote for the success of the Bill, because of immense help it will bring to Bihar.

Sources inform that attempts are being made to persuade Rahul and his advisers that disrupting Parliament will put people against their party. And all the blame even by party men will be put on him (Rahul). But seasoned party leaders feel Rahul’s political understanding is not very up to the mark. He will persist on doing whatever he has been primed for. If so lets wait and watch.

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