Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 04:10:32

‘Will not tolerate attack on India’, BJP furious over American businessman’s comment on PM Modi

Updated: February 17, 2023 1:51 pm

The Adani-Hindenburg case is currently in the news. The opposition dominates the Modi government on the issue of Adani. Union Minister Smriti Irani lashed out at American businessman George Soros by holding a press conference today. Smriti Irani said in a press conference that there is an attempt to interfere in India’s democracy. Irani further said that a foreign power with George Soros at its center has declared that they will attack India’s democratic structure. Soros has announced that he will make PM Modi the main point of his attack.

Union Minister Smriti Irani further said in her press conference that today, as a citizen, I want to call upon the people of the country that there is a foreign power, at the centre of which is a person named George Soros. They have announced that they will hurt the democratic structure of India. Irani further said that she has announced that she will make Prime Minister Modi the main point of her attack. They have announced that they will create such a system in India under their foreign power, which will protect their interests and not that of India.

Irani further said that every Indian should give a befitting reply to the announcement of George Soros that he will make Modi bow down in India, demolish the democratically elected government of India.

Questioning George Soros, Smriti Irani asked that today we should give a unanimous answer to George Soros that under democratic circumstances, the democratically elected government and our Prime Minister will not bow down before such wrong intentions. We have defeated foreign forces in the past as well and will defeat them in the future as well.

The country’s main opposition party Congress has also lashed out at George Soros on his statement. Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh tweeted that whether or not the Adani scam involving the PM initiates a democratic resurgence in India entirely depends on the Congress, the opposition and our election process. This has nothing to do with George Soros. Our Nehruvian legacy ensures that people like him cannot decide our election results.

George Soros is a big businessman of America. He has targeted PM Modi on the issue of Adani, which is hot in the country. Soros said that PM Narendra Modi is calm on this issue. But he will have to answer questions in Parliament as well as to foreign investors. He said these things at the Munich Security Conference. Soros had said that the Adani issue would greatly weaken Modi’s grip on India’s federal government. George Soros expressed hope that there would be a democratic transition in India.

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