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Will NaMo Again be Game-Changer ?

Updated: February 10, 2019 12:06 pm

Our Nation is facing a tough challenge today to save the basic norms of our democracy. A section of caretakers of our democracy are forcefully puzzling the decency and ethics of our Constitution. There is a constant effort to destabilise and distort our age-old Vedic culture, which defines and explains that Bharat is a land of Tapobhoomi and Karmabhoomi, and we all follow the Dharma of Oneness. We follow the ideals that emphasise happiness to all, without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion or race. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of peace and happiness and our culture is to consider the world to be one family. But our democracy has always been a victim of alien mentality. We have been pushed into the trap of a conspiracy from divisive forces. These forces are there in our political system to create unrest in the society and act against the basics of our Indian culture, which lays stress on aphorism: Nation is First. In 2014, when a new government was formed under the leadership of Narendra Modi, not only in India but in the whole world India created a very positive image of a growing nation. Now in 2019, again the same divisive forces are active in disseminating wrong information through fake and paid news, and conspiracy against the Modi government, which is working in the true spirit of Ekatmavaad for a Developed India. Not only Modi but competent leaders like Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari, Arun Jaitely, Sushma Swaraj and the whole Team Modi is working for a united Bharat, where justice for all and providing basic necessities to the last man of the society is the sole aim.

Political leanings determine how the so-called secular media is bent on removing the BJP from the power, as it is churning out news of a split within the party, distorting a statement given by Nitin Gadkari. What is more, captions of self-styled liberal social media networks are spewing fake news. And in both spheres, networks opposing BJP government are outpacing others, particularly those that support it. The Bharatiya Janata Party recently accused the Opposition of running a fake news campaign against its senior party leaders to create resentment about them and BJP among a few caste groups. The Opposition is resorting to such tactics as it is afraid of losing the Lok Sabha elections. It is found that a newspaper report about party chief Amit Shah criticising a specific community was fake news, and claimed that it was tweeted by a senior Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh. The post was later deleted. To remain relevant, different Opposition parties are running a campaign of calumny against the BJP and its senior leaders by turning some specific castes against them and the party.  It is noteworthy that Aam Aadmi Party had circulated a fake news report that quoted Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar as saying that he was the chief minister of only one specific caste. Corruption is rife among politicians and bureaucrats and black money accruals are misleading voters–often downright purchase of votes. Worse, the poor gullible slum-dwellers and villagers are often expecting to be paid significantly by the candidates since the latter are firmly believed to be rich and have garnered a lot of illicit money; their levels of living and activities are enough of evidence in the public eye. On the other hand, the so-called educated middle classes are carried away by propaganda; their exposure to media combined with their lack of wherewithal to exercise discretion regarding information has made them believe in lies and exaggerations. They have tended to ignore crimes and acts of prejudice to judicial and prosecution process. The honest are believed to be dishonest and vice versa; all due to machinations of electoral politics by criminals in India.

Against this backdrop, it is apt to say that Mamata Banerjee seemingly emerged as the uniting force for all the opposition parties, mainly the regional parties, seeking to overthrow the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections, and this was in full display at the Brigade rally on 19th January 2019, named as United India Rally. But it cannot be gainsaid that the split Opposition in the country is striving hard to chalk out a way to counter Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s powerful Bharatiya Janata Party. But having said that, the potential for widening cracks in the Opposition unity is quite evident. The presence of TMC, Congress, CPM, SP, BSP, RJD, JD(S), NCP, etc, in the probable Opposition unity is a clear pointer to this possibility. One should not forget the trigger in the ongoing political tussle between alliance partners in Karnataka, which was and is the open discontent expressed by chief minister HD Kumaraswamy to not let him work fluently. In West Bengal, the TMC chief, who shares good relations with Sonia Gandhi, had recently termed Rahul Gandhi as her junior. “What I can say about Rajiv and Sonia can’t be said about Rahul because he is much junior,” she had commented. This clearly shows that she has her eyes set on the chair of Prime Minister. What is more, BSP chief Mayawati herself did not participate in Mamata’s rally in Kolkata. Against this backdrop, it is apt to say that anyone can dream of becoming PM even if they don’t have a single seat in the Lok Sabha.  Besides this fact, the Indian voters have tested more than four years of good governance of Narendra Modi, his development plank and top-notch diplomacy. If one interprets the response of the Indian electorate towards a roaring Narendra Modi, then it is impossible to find a leader of his stature in the present scenario, who can lead the nation in 2019. Are the Opposition parties listening?

By Deepak Kumar Rath


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