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Will Kejriwal Win 48 Seats In Delhi?

Updated: May 17, 2014 3:13 pm

Arvind Kejriwal is slated to win in Varanasi. He did not say so in actual words, but his repeated iteration ‘wait for May 16’ delivered with unmistakeable confidence made all of us, around 10 people, believe that he meant it—that Kejriwal would worst Narendra Modi in the electoral battle in the Holy City, which encompasses the culture and civilization of ancient India.

He is a retired Colonel, jovial and very friendly. The 10 others were an assorted group, retired senior bureaucrats, a colonel (retd), a retired senior mining engineer and the host a birthday boy and multi-millionaire to boot. He looked around a bit amused as the argument did not seem to end. But, there were no raised voices, for apart from the fact that everyone was senior, educated and a sober lot, all were related to each other. And also probably, with a few gins and tonic and delicious food inside, everyone was feeling nice.

The surprise was that one of the ten, who attained the highest position in narcotics and was also a member of the UN Narcotics Commission, was initially a staunch supporter of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and saw a golden future for Kejriwal even after the fiasco of Delhi government, had converted.

One expected the Colonel to have given up his support to Kejriwal for he had been sending letters to him suggesting changes or criticising various actions of his. But to no avail. So one expected him not to be so confident about his victory over Modi.

Was he privy to somethings we don’t know? The only thing we are sure of is that KejriwaJ is a product of the Congress’ dread of Modi. They are partners in the effort to stop Modi’s march to the South Block. They help each other unabashedly.

When spat between Priyanka and Modi over Vadra intensified, Kejriwal spoke up supporting her and criticised Modi. Possibly AAP is no longer B-Team of the Congress, it is the Congress that has because of compulsions become B-Team of AAP. The Colonel’s confidence possibly stems from the fact that Kejriwal has got the upper hand vis-à-vis the Congress. Its votes and Muslims would go for AAP. But those who stressed that his political “chautha” would be performed at Dasaswamedh ghat—one of the most important ghats of Varanasi, literally means the Ghat (river front) of ten sacrificed horses—are still hopeful of attending the ceremony. According to legends, ten horses were sacrificed by Brahma to allow Lord Shiva to return from a period of banishment.

The Colonel believes once cleansing his sins in the Holy City, he would be back in Delhi with a clean slate. And then the Colonel predicts that in the Delhi State Assembly election, AAP would get 48 out of 70 seats. Amen! Anyway, the 10 others who contested his forecasts have decided that on May 16, after the Modi win, they will contribute to buy a ticket for the Colonel to fly down to Delhi to enjoy the party celebrating Modi’s win. Sporting that he would surely come and enjoy—No malice between anyone.

Abdullah Sr, Still Irresponsible Teenager

Anger got the better of even our saints, so tell our epics. And Dr Farooq Abdullah has never committed the sin of being even near a saint, he is a politician with high blood pressure and has the trait of being brutally candid. The opposition in Kashmir knows this. He can be livid in no time and then spew out venom. But his hate for Narendra Modi made him even violate the Constitution, by which he swore when he took oath on becoming a cabinet minister. He swore to uphold the Indian Constitution. But by saying that Kashmir would not be part of and not remain in a “communal” India, meaning if Modi becomes prime minister, Abdullah went against the Constitution, which protects the unity and integrity of India and an act of Parliament, which asserts that the whole of Kashmir is part of India. The problem is the mindset of the most in the Valley. They feel they are the rulers and India an occupier. But if India withdrew its aid, they would starve. The words, Kashmir would not be part of communal India are the language of Pak separatists like Hafeez Saeed. Abdullah’s remarks would only encourage the likes of Saeed and give another handle to ISI to damage India’s secular credentials.

The BJP hit back, saying that secularism failed only in Kashmir from where lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee. How can India be communal by just one person becoming prime minister? There are enough checks and balances and a free judiciary to uphold the principles of secularism. But it was in his tenure as the chief minister that the J&K Assembly passed a resolution for autonomy of the state. It had no validity but showed his thinking and feeling for India. One still faintly recalls his utterances when he went to Lahore. One expected him to apologise or amend his statement but that did not happen.

One expected his son Omar to refute his father’s irresponsible utterances but that also did not happen. He sort of endorsed his father’s stand. The father and son’s National Conference was part of the Vajpayee government and Omar was a minister. But they knew they could get away with murder with him, but Modi is a different cup of tea.

He would possibly facilitate their exit but without their dear Srinagar or assets.

If Abdullah Sr is unable to control his temper or tongue it would be good idea for him to go to some foreign land where he might live in salubrious climes but without even his neighbours giving him a second glance! Will the US relent and issue US visa if Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister before the end of this month.

The Vexing Issue Of Modi’s Us Visa

Will the US relent and issue US visa if Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister before the end of this month? It is a question that is being discussed in social gatherings, homes and in clubs. Most believe that the restriction would be withdrawn. The usual bunch of pseudo-secularists and intellectuals and commies would be outraged and resolutions and letters would be published against the US action. But now the State Department is unlikely to take cognizance of them. India’s prime minister is too vital in the geo-politics of the region and for balancing both China and Pakistan. But would Modi accept any invitation and go to the US?

His own comment some time ago is relevant, “I would like to make such an India where America would line up for India Visa.”

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