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Why Should The Nation Support Modi?

Updated: April 26, 2014 5:09 pm

No one will disagree that the UPA has lost the race in the present elections. It was the most corrupt government in the history of Independent India and the most arrogant too. Even by a remote chance, if the UPA gets a third term in 2014, it will be a disaster and God only knows what will happen to the nation. Who will lead the country: a reluctant dynast who had not shed his milk teeth, an ageing failed economist, or a shrewd backroom puppeteer?

The state of the nation at present is like a bull in a china shop. Spiraling inflation, blatant corruption, economic slowdown, falling rupee, worsening law and order, hostile borders. Naxalites, complete lack of governance, cronyism on a gigantic scale, two hoots care for accountability, insult of constitutional authorities, a collapsed judicial system, total policy paralysis, lollypop appeasement of ”minorities” and other sections that is reaching ridiculous and dangerous levels, Mughal era dynastic politics both at the Centre and the states, bureaucratese… one can go on and on. Another five years of the UPA and India will join the ranks of failed states like Pakistan, Haiti, Congo and Somalia.

These elections will give Indian one last chance to redeem them. They have to vote out a corrupt and inefficient regime and vote in an effective government. The options are just three. The UPA, the NDA, or the elusive Third Front. About the UPA, enough has been said in the above paragraph. Now the option of the Third Front.

The Third or Federal Front will constitute of the rag tag band of mercurial Mamta Banerjee, mad hatter Mulayam Singh, natty Nitish Kumar, reluctant Naveen Patnaik, grand duchess Jayalalithaa , and megalomaniac Mayawati. All of them have no national ideology, as they cannot see beyond their respective states. They will never ever give us the type of governance that the country requires. Mulayam Singh and Jayalalithaa have been fixated on the Prime Minister’s chair, Nitish Kumar’s vision is bi-focal, he only sees Muslims and OBCs; Naveen Patnaik, being erudite and sophisticated must be having a vision but he has not deigned to share it with anyone yet; Mayawati cannot see beyond statues of herself and of elephants; and as for Mamta Banerjee, she is colour blind-she can only see red.

India has been converted into a complex jigsaw of minorities, castes, tribes, classes, sections and what have you. The British could have learnt plenty from us about Divide and Rule.

That leaves us only the BJP, with its historical baggage of the RSS, Hindutva, and Ramjanmbhoomi et al- enough baggage to dissuade people from voting for the party. Except that this time the BJP has an add-on: Narendra Modi.

India has elected leaders on the basis of their oratorical skills. That’s a reality of most countries in the world. Nehru, Shastri, Indira Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee are shining examples. The best speakers are elected to office whether they have the administrative skills or not. The same thing is happening in India and Modi is by far the best political orator India has today. Just look at the facts. Whether he speaks at a Delhi college or an industry meet or a media conclave, the entire audience sits in rapt attention.

Modi is the only leader today, who has the courage to raise questions, which other political parties choose to ignore. For this, people are beginning to pay attention to him. He may not be considered secular because he is proud to be a Hindu and refuses to give doles or concessions to any religious group (including Hindus, a fact that is hardly reported) beyond what is provided in the Constitution and the laws of the land. He believes this weakens the social fabric of the country and that even handed development is the best guarantee for equitable prosperity for all.

No leader in the history of India has faced so much scrutiny after any riots and far from being convicted; he is yet to be charge sheeted. He is called communal in spite the fact that not a single Hindu-Muslim riot has taken place in Gujarat under him since 2002, that the BJP got 17 per cent of the Muslim vote in the Assembly elections in the state earlier last year, that the party won five of the eight seats which had a dominant Muslim voter base, that the average Muslim in Gujarat is much better off economically than his counterpart in Assam, UP or Bihar. His integrity is impeccable, both personal and vicarious. Modi has a vision and a road map for the future and he has demonstrated in Gujarat that he can implement his vision.

A BJP leader has the best chance of giving us stability for 5 years. Modi is right now the tallest leader of the BJP. It’s as simple as that. He should be given a chance because the country needs him. If we reject this model of politics Modi or BJP has no option but to go back to Ram Mandir movement type communal politics and Congress will have all the opportunities to deepen the rot.

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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