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Why Congress is so happy on Delhi defeat

By Prof. NK Singh
Updated: February 26, 2020 12:54 pm

After stunning defeat of BJP and Congress at the hands of Kejriwal –that muffler man- there is strange feeling that something is wrong with our perception and judgment. This time BJP was not supposed to get such drubbing but that subject is worth examining separately and I had mentioned the issue earlier too. The bewildering situation is that of Congress which was not supposed to do any spectacular manner but not turn Zero. What a surprising response to such battering is that their senor leaders are extremely happy on BJP’s defeat whatever might have happened to them. It is classical case of hatred that they attribute to bjp. Their one time crown of the intellectual cabinet P.Chidambram, who frequently speaks like Apocalypse of opposition, was overjoyed on AAP’’s victory. He did not realize that his own party was going to dogs. A party that ruled entire India was in shambles with 63% of its candidates having lost the security deposits. It was left to youngster like Sharmishta Mukerjee, to remind him and party that they should bother more for what has happened to their own party that was reduced to humiliating zero. Seniors too did not have anything pertinent to speak. Recently Salman Khurheed, who sometimes makes sane remarks again reminded Congress that all parties should seriously develop consensus and work united for national interest instead of making it weak in the world reckoning. Rahul and Sonia too were best represented by Priyanka who felt elated in loss of BJP. If Congress had decided to contest on such large number of seats it should have shown seriousness to toil a bit but all the time their candidates and leaders showed indifference. They were merely enjoying the fall of their rival. Congress did not realize it was their votes that slipped away to AAP. All along the history Congress relied on Muslim votes and others they did not bother as the parties and castes proved such a scatter that it did not reduce the major chunk of Muslim votes. But they did not realize that due to their own lack of strategy the voter had shown more confidence in AAP to stand by them instead of sticking on top of the old group. Congress was no longer sought after party and of late it started joining as second partner or third from out of Government support. Congress was merely clinging to power without having the sticking power in their muscles to hold the reigns of nation.

It indulged in worst trick in Karnataka where it formed government with Kumaraswmy as Chief Minister while being leader of a party in lesser number. Principle of democratic majority was thrown to winds and the result was the fall of unscrupulous government in no time later. Nevertheless formation of the Government was celebrated as birth of Mahagathbandhan – a new hope that failed ultimately. Congress must stand on principles as an old and respected party. It should redefine its charter and values that should govern the future of party. But party is in shambles. Madhya Pradesh’s Kamal nath is at loggers head with Scindia in open. Rajasthan Pilot is unhappy with Ghelot. Capt Amrinder Singh has got rid of Siddhu and many other states are in trouble. Even a small state of Himachal is being mishandled by the party. It has been the old stronghold of the party that now is under shadow of BJP but could come on its own if properly handled One fais to understand why the party does not use its valuabole resources. Why party does not mobilise tried and tested leaders like Thakur Kaul Singh and Viplov Thakur ? Instead it is relying on brittle mettle and not solid arms. Like Delhi it suffers from poverty of leadership. While celebrating Delhi loss Congress should not forget that BJP did not do so badly as Rahul thinks. It had almost 40% votes and its large number lost on small margins and not lost deposits like Congress. I had told their leaders that they would have won if they had an effective leader or as they say the recognizable face

that mattered. If I were in place of decision making I will take all top leaders out for 7 days with no contact with party or other people. We will have a task to work out the charter, Mission and objectives of the party. It must set the goals right and select right people. Will Rahul or Priyanka or Khursheed do it? Or Is the party more committed to hatred for BJP than their own survival?


By Prof. NK Singh

(The writer is International Management Adviser.)

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