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Why Centre is Providing Security For Separatists But Not For Soldiers?

Updated: July 26, 2018 2:50 pm

It is a matter of utmost concern that in our country Centre is spending money like water on the security expenditure of separatists Hurriyat leaders but is not ready to spend even a small amount on the soldiers who are based properly in Jammu and Kashmir making them soft targets of terrorists! Centre strongly feels that Hurriyat are our own people who are most special above our soldiers and therefore they must be provided security on topmost priority! What is even more disgusting to note is that nearly a month after Army soldier Aurangzeb of 44 RR was kidnapped and killed by terrorists in Pulwama while on Eid leave after torturing him, police now have recovered the body of police

constable Javed Ahmed Dar who was posted as personal security officer to Senior Superintendent of Police Shailendra Mishra and was abducted by unidentified militants from his native village of Vehil in Shopian district on the evening of July 5 while he had gone to purchase medicines and was shot in the head and his body was found from the roadside at Sehpora in the neighbouring Kulgam’s Pariwan village!

Last year we saw how Lt Umar Fayyaz was kidnapped at gun point from a wedding ceremony which he was attending of his close relative and tortured and then shot dead! Earlier to this we saw how DSP Ayyub Pandit was shot dead by followers of

separatists leaders for whose security he was posted there! Such incidents are increasing but Centre is just bothered about security of Hurriyat leaders who want Jammu and Kashmir to be merged with Pakistan!  This is shocking!

What is most shocking is that Centre has taken the most condemnable stand that all soldiers can’t be provided security but Hurriyat have to be provided security at any cost and under any circumstances! Centre strongly feels that Rs 560 crore on security of Hurriyat leaders coming directly from taxpayers money is a very small amount but soldiers and cops posted in J&K who themselves hail also from Jammu and Kashmir must protect themselves as no security can be given to them! Which nation in the world will behave like this other than India?

Which nation in the world other than India will treat Hurriyat leaders who always keep stoking the fire of separatism in Kashmir and keep chanting anti-India slogans always as “Most Favoured VVIPs” by spending many crores on their security every year and not spend even a small amount on soldiers and cops who safeguard Jammu and Kashmir from terrorists and Pakistani soldiers? Which nation in the world other than India will unilaterally confer “Most Favoured Nation” status on Pakistan since 1996 which is continuing till now even though they have been waging a proxy war against us since 1947 and we have lost more than a lakh

soldiers and many people because of it? Which nation in the world other than India believes in inviting ISI agents to India to inspect the site which had been attacked by terrorists trained by ISI?

Which nation other than India believes in asking world to declare Pakistan a “terror sponsor country” while itself according it the “Most Favoured Nation” status unilaterally? Which nation believes in inviting the Pakistan invader Gen Pervez Musharraf to India just two to three months after Kargil war which he masterminded in which we lost more than 600 soldiers as per official figures and who himself threatened to nuke India and had entered about 15-16 km inside Indian territory just before Kargil war started as he himself candidly acknowledges to boost soldiers morale to slaughter our soldiers most cruelly? Which nation other than India believes in trusting a man like Musharraf who stands accused of killing his own PM Benazir Bhutto, Abdul Rashid who was Imam of Lal Masjid, Nawab Bukhti of Baluchistan and many others and who hails terror leaders as “Osama to hero hain ji hero, Hafiz Saeed to bilkul aasli hero hain ji. Bharat ke liye yeh aatankwadi hain paar hamare liye yein to freedom fighter hain”?

Kuwait has severed all relations with Pakistan and ordered all Pakistan is to leave Kuwait but India believes MFN status to Pakistan should still continue just like security for Hurriyat! Should we be proud of this even as our soldiers are openly kidnapped by terrorists and killed after torturing them as Centre feels soldiers can never be given security? How long will Centre justify its idiotic stand?

How long will politicians plead ceasefire for terrorists, traitors and Pakistan? How long will politicians plead “talks and dialogues” with these rogues? How long will politicians refuse to learn anything from past experiences like the brutal murder of police constable Javed Ahmed Dar, Lieutenant Umar Fayyaz among others and continue appeasing terrorists and Pakistan?

How long will Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status for Pakistan continue since 1996 unilaterally like unilateral ceasefire till now? How long will Pakistan enjoy benefit of Indus Water Treaty will killing our citizens mercilessly?

How long will Centre give unfettered licence to Pakistan and terrorists unilaterally to kill our soldiers in the sacred month of Ramzan? Mohammad Haneef Khan who is Aurangzeb’s father who is himself an ex-serviceman stands perfectly justified when he says that, “I want to ask PM Modi if he’s listening to me, why are you appeasing stone-pelters and separatists? Punish the terrorists who killed my son. Why was Ramzan ceasefire announced? Terrorists have no religion, then why operations were stopped against them during Ramzan? Why Pakistani flags are allowed to be waved openly in India?” Absolutely right!

How can cases be withdrawn suddenly against more than 10,000 stone-pelters by J&K State Government who slap our soldiers and make sure that their helmet is thrown in dustbin? How can a crime be encouraged openly by a duly elected State Government? How can Centre too endorse it by doing nothing to stop this? Why even Supreme Court which is quick to always advocate zero tolerance for fake encounters and violations by soldiers of citizens right absolutely silent on this?

Does Centre favour stone pelting on our soldiers? How can supporters of terrorists start pelting stones on soldiers when they are engaged in fire battle with terrorists without direct blessing from Centre? Why should they not be killed straightaway? Why are cases withdrawn against them instead? Why Supreme Court says nothing on this? We saw recently how supporters of terrorists in Afghanistan started fleeing when soldiers opened fire on them! Why can’t our soldiers do the same?

Why people are allowed to get away even after pelting stones on our soldiers? Which nation other than India will tolerate this open insult of our soldiers? It is in PM Narendra Modi’s raj that we have started seeing such reprehensible attacks on our soldiers openly and still are allowed to get away and instead FIR is lodged against soldiers which compels families of soldiers to approach Supreme Court!

Why this blind appeasement of Pakistan since 1947 which never deserved independence as an independent nation? Why whole of J&K not annexed? Why people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir keep agitating against Pakistan and why India allowed Pakistan to get away with it? Why even after winning 1971 war decisively did we not annex Bangladesh as well as whole of Kashmir? Why we gave back more than 93,000 Pakistani soldiers who were captured as prisoners of war even though  they didn’t free more than 100 of our soldiers and they were ruthlessly tortured by Pakistani soldiers as testified by former Pakistan PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in his book who wrote that he could not sleep whole night as he could hear helpless cries of Indian soldiers being beaten mercilessly?

Why politicians never want Pakistan to be declared a “terror state” and named “Aatankistan” as demanded by Maulana Mehmood Madani  who is leader of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind and MP from Bangalore Rajeev Chandrashekhar even though they demand the same from world at very international forum like UN and hail young bureaucrats for speaking valiantly? What is the real mystery behind this? Why is free license given to “traitors, terrorists and Pakistan” to kill our brave soldiers and others during Ramzan? Is Ramzan meant to kill Indians? How long will leaders fool themselves and this nation?

Who is the great military adviser who is advising and guiding our PM and Home Minister to resort to all such foolish and self-destructive actions like Ramzan ceasefire, continuing with MFN status for Pakistan unilaterally, retaining Article 370 and Article 35A, continue spending Rs 560 crore every year from taxpayers money on Hurriyat leaders who openly shout slogans favouring Pakistan, continue allowing Pakistan to take advantage of Indus Water Treaty which Modi had earlier himself criticised  and many more such foolish acts?

Bluntly put: Are we really a sovereign country? Is some foreign power giving political donations to our leaders and remote controlling them? Why Centre doesn’t want nation to know that which party is getting how much money from foreign countries which alone explains why retrospective amendments made to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), 1976?  Is this is why leaders learn nothing and laugh shamelessly indulging in “physical fitness shows” telecasted live even as our brave soldiers and journalists are publicly massacred and their relatives wail over the dead bodies like we saw in case of 5 BSF soldiers including an Assistant Commandant? Supreme Court must order an independent probe into this!

To be sure, Supreme Court cannot keep on seeing all this like a mute spectator and just keep always attacking our soldiers for human right violations while saying nothing on this! It is heartening to see that Supreme Court has issued notices to Centre on a PIL challenging retrospective amendments to FCRA, 1976 which will benefit suspect political donations by certain NRI-led companies to BJP and Congress!  Why are leaders who take such steps of betrayal like ceasefire with terrorists and Pakistan in the name of Ramzan whose only objective is to kill all those who are loyal to India not taken to task? Why leaders say they have given full and free hand to soldiers but ground reality is that pro-Pakistani people are given freedom to attack soldiers, stone their vehicles, beat them and yet FIR registered against our soldiers? If this trend continues then we are certainly allowing UN to pass “adverse remarks” against India as we just saw and India will be mocked as the “weakest country in the world who is like a tiger without teeth” as is happening also and happened during Kargil war also when we shamelessly invited Pakistani invader Gen Musharraf to India even though he and his soldiers could not win in Kargil and take away any territory from us!

In the ultimate analysis, it is Centre which has to act right by showing no mercy for terrorists, Hurriyat and Pakistan! Centre must end all security expenses of Hurriyat leaders who must be left to fend for themselves and should provide security to all soldiers who face security threat or who hail from Jammu and Kashmir as they are the most vulnerable targets and they have to be protected at all cost and under all circum stances because if this is not ensured then no person from Jammu and Kashmir will ever like to join any job in forces whether it is in Army or BSF or ITBP or police or any other force! Centre must itself first start treating Pakistan like a rogue nation before demanding the same from the world! US or Russia or any other country will not fight for us! We have to fight our own battle by acting tough against Pakistan and terrorists and their sympathizers like Hurriyat! But is Centre willing to do so and stop permitting Pakistan, terrorists and stone-pelters to attack our soldiers at their own whims and fancies? I doubt! The biggest reason is that just like Pakistan our leaders too are not ready to reform themselves! Just one surgical strike is nothing but hogwash! We have to start becoming more assertive by not mollycoddling in front of Pakistan, terrorists and stone-pelters but Centre always foolishly buckles for reasons known best to them only!


By Sanjeev Sirohi

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