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Why Are Human Rights Of Indian Soldiers Not Respected?

Updated: October 6, 2016 3:44 pm

How long will Indian soldiers keep getting killed by terrorists trained and armed to the teeth by various terror groups, ISI and Pakistani Army and yet India will continue maintaining bilateral relations with Pakistan? How long will India continue according Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan which it accorded way back in 1989 when insurgency phase aided, abetted and masterminded by Pakistan started in Kashmir even though Pakistan till now has never accorded any such status to India? How long will more than 600 soldiers as per official figures even though unofficially the figure is quite high sacrifice their invaluable lives as happened during Kargil war and most of the major political parties of India will unitedly decide to welcome the Pakistani invader Gen Pervez Musharraf who masterminded the whole war just 2 to 3 months after Kargil war like a royal emperor and shower flowers on him while accompanying him in Delhi, Agra etc?

How long will India ignore that this same Gen Pervez Musharraf hail terrorists who mercilessly kill our people and soldiers as “freedom fighters” and terrorism as “freedom struggle” and yet some of  our leaders and big media houses will shamelessly honour Musharraf? How long will Gen Musharraf shamelessly say that he had himself entered 14-15 km inside Indian territory just one night before Kargil war begin to encourage his soldiers to mercilessly massacre our soldiers, threaten to nuke India, pay dreaded Al Qaeda terrorist like Iliyas Kashmiri Rs 1 lakh for presenting him a severed head of Indian soldiers as was reported widely in English newspapers way back in 1999-2000, yet major political parties like BJP and Congress will shamelessly welcome him in India and have luxurious lunch and dinner with him? How long will our soldiers keep sacrificing their invaluable lives and our leaders will keep engaging Pakistan as if everything is normal?

How long will Prime Ministers and other politicians of India keep vowing that terror attack won’t go unpunished and after some time another terror attack will be witnessed in India? How long will terrorists and Pakistani soldiers keep entering Indian territory and keep killing Indian soldiers, beheading our soldiers most ruthlessly and yet Indian politicians will overlook everything and keep chanting the third rated dialogue that, “You can change your friends but you  cannot your neighbours? How long will Indian politicians keep chanting that, “Baas bahut ho gaya abh aur nahin. Abh muh tod jawab diya jayega”? Seventy years have already lapsed. Just 30 years wait more and then after 100 years may be someday Indian politicians decide to act and that too if by that time Pakistan does not nuke India as it repeatedly keeps threatening India as it feels they have a right if India dares to enter even one inch inside Pakistani territory as Gen Musharraf had threatened during Kargil war.

How long will courageous lawyers like ML Sharma keep filing PIL demanding the immediate stop on monetary aid and other facilities like funds for travel, staying in luxurious hotels and other purposes which is done at the cost of income tax payers of India and inspite of his pointing out that, “In fact, just over the last five years, India has spent Rs 356 crore on these separatists’ security, travel and hotel stays. The government has also spent Rs 21 crore on putting up these separatists in luxury hotels and Rs 26.43 crore on fuel for them to travel around and spread their anti-India venom through expenditure levied on taxpayers without informing Parliament and Comptroller and Auditor General never adducing audit reports on how these funds were spent while the money was used to wage war against the country,” yet no action is taken and they continue receiving illegal funding not just from Pakistan but even from Centre under the very nose of PM Narendra Damodardas Modi? Not stopping here, courageous Judges like a Bench of Supreme Court led by Justice Anil R Dave saying openly that, “We also share the same feeling… everybody sitting here feels the same” yet his petition is dismissed. Disgusting! Shameful!

How can India allow Centre to fund those who rant against India and keep eulogizing Pakistan? How can India allow few anti-Indian Kashmiris to give shelter to terrorists and a safe haven before they venture out to massacre Indian soldiers? We have to respect Supreme Court’s decision but it is sad that such decisions which have demoralizing affect on soldiers and their families is not taken seriously in India. Politicians cannot be allowed to do anything which adversely impacts our national security. It is the bounden duty of Supreme Court and other lower courts to ensure that those who rant against India are dealt with strictly.


How long will Indian politicians feel excited when PM like Narendra Damodardas Modi decide to invite ISI agents and others of Pakistan to visit our airbase where terrorist  attacked in Pathankot knowing fully well their evil designs? Will Modi again invite ISI agents to visit India after the ghastly terror attack in Uri which has left more than 20 soldiers dead and the figure is bound to go up as many are still battling with their lives? How long this shameless mockery still continue?

Why India inspite of its soldiers wanting to capture whole of PoK were stopped in between which allowed Pakistan huge benefit and disregarded soldiers sacrifice? Why India inspite of winning 1971 war did nothing to annex whole of PoK and gave back more than 93,000 Pakistani soldiers back to Pakistan even though they did not return our soldiers – 54 as per official figures? Why Supreme Court too interfered in this yet Centre never bothered?

Why Captain Sourav Kalia and 5 soldiers of 4 Jat Regiment who were the first to report on Kargil intrusion were most brutally tortured after they were captured alive as their ammunition were exhausted soon not for 5 days or 10 days or 15 days or 20 days but for nearly a month and their eyes were first punctured with hot iron rods and then gouged out, similarly their nose, ears and other body organs were also not spared including their private ones and their whole body bore signs of brutal torture and cigarettes mark yet Indian ever raised this in any international forum and worst of all not even with Pakistan? Why the father of Captain Sourav Kalia fought for nearly 17 years a lonely battle in Supreme Court to get justice for his slain child but Indian government never provided him any help nor legal aid nor anything else? Why politicians feel that soldiers join army to get killed by terrorists and Pakistani soldiers as a politician in Bihar had said some time back?

 Why politicians keep advocating talks and dialogues and ceasefire and special VVIP status for terrorists and rogue nations like Pakistan? Why senior retd. army officers like Gen GD Bakshi and former RAW officer Col RSN Singh lash out as we can hear in different news channel at the manner in which India accords VVIP treatment to Hurriyat leaders who keep chanting “Pakistan, Pakistan and nothing but Pakistan” and ask that “Are we being ruled by Rawalpindi or Islamabad?” Why senior IAS and IPS officers and senior ministers appointed as interlocutors to engage terrorists? Why not with rapists, dacoits and other criminals? Just because they are not trained in Pakistan or any other hostile nation? What message is India sending out since last few decades?

Why Indian politicians knowing fully well that dreaded terror leaders like Hafiz Saeed and Syed Salaluddin are openly threatening to make Kashmir a grave for Indian soldiers never seriously take their threat and feel most happy in maintaining diplomatic relations with Pakistan? Why inspite of thousands of soldiers being killed has India never attacked PoK? Why Centre calls Pakistan terror state but still maintains relations with them and never nukes all relations with them rather continues according MFN status to them?

Why India accords mercy petition for terrorists? Why India does not treat terror act as a war crime? Why terrorists are accorded VVIP status in India? Why killers of our former PM late Rajiv Gandhi and former Punjab CM late Beant Singh not hanged even decades later? Why India allows families of terror killers of former PM Mrs Indira Gandhi and Beant Singh to be honoured in Punjab? Why huge amount is spent on traitors who lash out against India and support those who kill our brave soldiers? Why human right activists keep shut when Indian soldiers are killed by terrorists in their barracks while they are asleep? Why Indian politicians and media forget everything soon and start engaging Pakistan?

For how long this shameless mockery continue? Why is no one concerned about human rights of our soldiers? Why India allows anti-Indian slogans to be chanted openly and Pakistani flags to be waved openly? Which self-respecting nation will tolerate it? Why Indian never lobbies hard for Pakistan to be declared a terror sponsor country?

It is most hurting to see that after every terror attack, all mainstream political parties say, “We are all united. Now India will not tolerate any more terror attack. India will give a very strong befitting reply.” Soon after some time we witness another major terror attack.  For how long will we allow terrorist a free run?

A part from these our brave soldiers fight terrorists on a regular basis on borders which is seldom reported much.

A brief summary of major attack on forces in J&K

 June 25, 2016: 8 CRPF men killed and 20 others injured when militants attacked their convoy in Srinagar.

February 21, 2016: Three Army commandos killed in a fierce gunfight with a group of terrorists holed up inside a Government building on the outskirts of Srinagar.

March 20, 2015: Fidayeen in Army fatigues stormed a police station in Kathua, killing seven.

December 5, 2014: Militants stormed an Army’s 31 Field Regiment Ordinance Camp in Baramulla District near the LoC.

June 24,2013: Eight soldiers killed in attack on military convoy at Hyderpora in Srinagar.

July 22, 2003: A three member team stormed an Army camp killing eight, including a Brigadier, in Akhnoor.

May 14, 2002: 36 people killed and 48 others injured in a fidayeen attack on an Army cantonment in Kaluchak in Jammu. Most of the killed were family members of Armymen.

November 03, 1999: Ten Army personnel killed in fidayeen attack on 15 Corps Headquarters at Srinagar’s Badami Bagh.

Why our politicians have an extremely short memory and very soon again start engaging rogue nations like Pakistan and do nothing against terrorists like abolishing mercy petition and treating terror act as a war crime and not an ordinary crime? Why some people feel that “India has more Pakistanis than Pakistan and politicians are more dangerous than Pakistan?” Who created Pakistan? Politicians of India. Why those who chant against India and in support of Pakistan like “Meri Jaan Pakistan, Mera Kaleja Pakistan” are  not sent to Pakistan? Why inspite of so many decades of terrorists brutally killing our soldiers do politicians accord VVIP status for them and do nothing to show on ground that no mercy will be shown for them?

Why India allows terrorists to be hailed in Kashmir? Why India allows people of Kashmir to attack Indian forces with whatever comes in their hand and instead keep advising soldiers to restrain maximum restraint? Why India allows Pakistani flags to be draped on body of terrorists in Kashmir? Is Kashmir a part of Pakistan?

Why inspite of our Parliament being attacked, Red Fort being attacked, Delhi High Court being attacked, various religious shrines being attacked yet India is soft in dealing with terrorists and keeps appointing interlocutors to hold dialogues with them, declare ceasefire for them even as they continue killing terrorists? Why politicians keep assuring that guilty terrorists will not be spared but do nothing on ground to attack their main breeding ground – Pakistan? Mere paying lip service or lighting candles or saluting soldiers or creating war memorials without doing anything on ground  is an insult to our brave soldiers and their families who proudly sacrifice themselves for this thankless nation who feel proud in inviting Pakistani invaders like Gen Pervez Musharraf to India like a royal emperor just 2 to 3 months after Kargil war and according him recognition even after Commonwealth countries had expelled Pakistan ?

Why photos of terrorists like Burhan Wani and their patronisers like Gen Pervez Musharraf are published in cover page by some magazines and not of our slain soldiers like Captain Saurav Kalia and others? Why Centre is allowing sympathizers of terrorists to carry out protest marches in Kashmir and attack our security forces and refraining them from using pellet guns? Why anti-India slogans are allowed to be chanted so openly and flags of dreaded terror groups like ISIS and Pakistan allowed to be waved? Why so much of brouhaha for them and why no one cares except lip service for the basic human rights of our brave soldiers?

Why India allows terrorists to intermingle with local Kashmiris and burn our flags, buildings and attack our soldiers? Why are our mainstream politicians totally silent on this? How long will vote bank politics be allowed to play the roost? How long will courts and politicians ask Indian soldiers to exercise restraint even as anti-Indian slogans are raised right in front of them when they are carrying out operations against terrorists?

How long will India keep submitting dossier after dossier of proof of Pakistani involvement in terror attacks on our brave soldiers? How long will India keep overlooking repeated terror attacks on our brave soldiers and keep engaging Pakistan instead of working to get it declared a “terror state”? How long will human rights of our brave soldiers not be raked up in every international forum? How long will India allow sympathizers of terrorists a free run in India and treat them as Indian even though they never consider themselves Indians? How long will parents and relatives of slain soldiers keep running from pillar to post to get justice for them as we have seen in the case of late Captain Saurav Kalia’s case and yet political parties will continue advocating maintaining “good bilateral relations” with Pakistan?

If India is surviving as an independent country, it is solely and solely because of our brave soldiers who are repeatedly being killed yet their human rights figure lowest in priority list and this alone explains why inspite of India winning 1971 war did nothing to make sure that 54 Indian Prisoners of War were brought back to India on a war footing. Did they not have any human rights? Former Pakistan PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto himself had written in his autobiography that while in jail he used to hear whole night the helpless cries of Indian soldiers who were mercilessly tortured before he himself was executed? 45 years have lapsed and India has done virtually nothing to bring them back.

Even now it is not ready to wake up. This is the  most saddest part. Even courts must wakeup to this looming danger and realize that if Indian soldiers don’t get justice, it can never be good for the health and vibrancy of our democratic system. Let there be no doubt on this. How long will we keep tolerating the repeated slaughter of our brave soldiers? They too like any other human beings  have the right to life.  How can that be allowed to be violated by terrorists with impunity?

Terror acts must be punished with mandatory death sentence without allowing terrorists to take the benefit of mercy petitions which only serves them to get a ground for not being hanged as we saw in the case of killers of our former PM late Rajiv Gandhi. But for this to happen a lot of political will is required which has been in short supply ever since terror attacks started happening in our country on a regular basis. Why politicians make sure that the mercy petition file of terrorists keep lying either in Home Ministry or somewhere else? Why it takes decades to decide on mercy petition of terrorists? It should not take more than few days to decide. Above all, why should terrorists be treated on par with ordinary criminals and be allowed to avail of mercy petition at the first place?

It is an unpalatable truth that human right activists have by and large ignored violations of human rights of our brave soldiers which alone explains why even media does not condemn too much the attack on Indian soldiers by attackers in Kashmir or anywhere else. This must change. PM too must be serious on not sparing those who killed our brave soldiers. He should understand that it is Pakistan itself that  is masterminding all terror attacks on India and should summon courage to directly name Pakistan just like our Home Minister Rajnath Singh did after the recent Uri attacks.

     Just blaming PM is no solution. The approach of the whole society has to change. Courts, judges, media, politicians, human rights activists, jurists and all others have a lot to introspect and reflect upon. How long will they keep treating terror acts as just any other crime? How long will they keep expecting  our brave soldiers not to fire or retaliate inspite of facing repeated attacks by terrorists and their sympathizers? The sympathizers of terrorists have to be identified, isolated and given an option – either be loyal to India or go to Pakistan. No Indian citizen can be allowed to burn our flags, wave Pakistani flags on Indian soil including Kashmir which is a part of India and not of Pakistan and yet keep availing Indian citizenship and all benefits associated with it. Fundamental duties must be made mandatory. But here too the political will to do this is in short supply with present PM Narendra Modi being no exception. This must change now because our national interests are paramount and not that of any political party or leader. No one can be above the nation. It needs no rocket scientist to conclude that if our nation is to survive, the human rights of our brave soldiers have to be accorded the highest priority. This we must bear in mind always.

by Sanjeev Sirohi  


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