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Who is targetting Modi?

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The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, re-elected in 2019, representing the massive political, moral and sentimental mandate of the people, who had delivered  more than 300 seats in the Lok Sabha, was on his way to Hussainiwala, in Ferozepur district in Punjab on 5th January . It was a national pilgrimage to the National Martyrs Memorial, to offer prayers on behalf of the nation to the great sons of India, like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdeva. who had faced the gallows of the British in 1931. Shaheed Bhagat Singh  was barely 23 years in age. Was the selection of the new Chief Minister of Punjab, spurred only by the exigency of looming elections. Was his selection only out of electoral considerations? It does not seem so, considering his omissions and commissions to render Modi insecure and vulnerable during the visit. He did everything to add Modi’s name to the list of martyrs before he reached the pilgrimage site. It was the British who had hanged Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev; this time it seems that the orders to assassinate Modi came from Channi’s European master, to make way for her son’s ascendance to Prime Ministership through the assassination route, because she gave up on the electoral route long ago. The assassination route has over the years taken a very heavy toll, one through road accident and another by air crash. For the PM it was national pilgrimage, for his political enemies it was an opportunity for assassination.



The PM had already covered the road distance of 100 km out of the 120 km, when his convoy was forced to a halt on a flyover. Reason,a road block,a pre-planned road block by maoists masquerading as farmers. Yes they belonged to the Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU), an outfit banned by the UPA government in 2014 for anti-national and terrorist activities. They were rechristened and resurrected as farmers by the forces under the command of the European, along with allied forces, once preparations got afoot to storm Delhi on the last Republic Day. It included Khalistanis, Maoists and Jihadis, the same cocktail as in Shaheen bagh.

This road block on the highway was not a farmer protest in the spirit of democracy, it was weaponisation of democracy to kill a prime minister, itwas weaponisation oftractor ,the modern symbol of‘farmership’ .This weaponisation of democracy is not new. Earlier on 08 Oct 2013, there was an assassination bid on Modi in an election rally at Patna. It was a providential escape for him because the suicide bomber blew himself. Democracy was also weaponised in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in an election rally in Tamil Naidu by the LTTE. The Church was a big factor in this assassination. The loyalty to the Church ran across the Palk Strait. The LTTE leadership, notwithstanding the Hindu names, was essentially Christian and the then government in Tamil Naidu was led by a person who was a self declared atheist, a Hindu hater, but a beneficiary and benefactor of the Church. Similarly, the Church factor is prevalent in this latest assassination plot in Punjab, since the newly installed Chief Minister is believed to be a baptized Christian. His affiliation to the Church was the most formidable loyalty attribute that resonated with his  European ring  master in Delhi and her accomplice in Chandigarh, who at one time was part of the Sanjay Gandhi gang.



The so-called farmers had chosen the flyover near the Piareana village, 20 km short of Ferozepur, to intercept the prime minister. In military tactics parlance, the flyover was a perfect ambush site. With ‘STOPS’ ahead and no escape routes on the either flanks, all that the they had to do was to put the REAR STOP, after the entire cavalcade of the Prime Minister was boxed in within the flyover. They did try to do this, but the Prime Minister averted it by taking quick decision  to go back after he had appraised the situation. Having covered 80 percent of the distance, it was no easy decision to make. If the Prime Minister had dithered in the hope that the protestors would have melted away by negotiation or persuasions, he would have been killed. Use of force was not an option because of the complicity of the state machinery and the protestors, acting as stops.

The Prime Minister would have been dead because, once his convoy was contained within the flyover, with the Rear Stops in place, it would have been followed by assault which could have taken several forms i.e. by small arms, combined with explosives and grenades; artillery or mortar fire from Pakistan which was only 20 km away. All critical infrastructural choke points like bridges, culvert and flyovers in the border areas are registered targets, which means the coordinates have been matched with the parameters of the weapon system, thus ensuring accurate delivery of ordnance. There could have beenattack by drones which today have become ubiquitous activity and threat, emanating from Pakistan in the region, especially in the Ferozepur area. Drones are being used to supply narcotics, weapons and explosives to the Khalistanis. It may be reiterated that there was a drone attack by Pakistan, barely six months ago,on 05 June 2021, on the Jammu airbase. RDX was used to cause damage to infrastructure and personnel.



Eerily, a wooden boat of Pakistani make was seized by the 136 Battalion of the Border Security Force (BSF) patrolling party on the banks of the Sutlez River, not far from the ambush site. Such boats having low electronic and visual signatures are typically used for drugs and weapon smuggling from Pakistan. This boat seizureon Sutlez River has some connect with the past. The British, in 1931 had smuggled the remains of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Rajguru and Shaheed Sukhdev from Lahore to Sutlez River near Ferozepur, to avoid public outpour and outrage. They sacrificed their lives for Independence, and consequently for the right and constitutional pleasure of electing a prime minister; for the Bharatiya, by the Bharatiya and of the Bharatiya. Ninety years down the line, an European, near the same Sutlez decided to eliminate the elected Prime Minister, bypassing the electoral route stipulated by the Constitution to pave the way for her son. This European had earlier appropriated the right to appoint a prime minister she had selected, rather than elected



The other giveaways with regard to the episode being an assassination attempt are the facets of planning, briefing and rehearsals. A video uploaded in December 2020, wherein all that happened with Mr Modi on the flyover, was depicted to the last detail. Both, the intention and method to assassinate Modi is clear from this video. Even before Rajiv Gandhi’s killing, the LTTE had carried out such live rehearsal in Chennai during the VP Singh’s rally. Ishrat Jahan had carried out more than one rehearsal for assassination of Mr Modi, but she was dispatched to the heavenly abode by the security forces before she could execute it. The same set of people who are deriding the assassination attempt on the prime minister began to gun for him in the wake of encounter killing of Ishrat Jahan, a LeT terrorist. She was recruited by the LeT for better access to the target because of her gender. Later, they were out to frame Mr Modi for being party to a plan for staging false encounter for killing the LeT woman fidayeen. Such fidayeens serve as double edged weapons, first as a killing machine, and  if eliminated by the security forces, as legal tool.



The Prime Minister landed at Bhatinda airbase by Air Force 1 at 10. 30 am. He was to proceed by helicopter to Hussainiwala, but chose the alternate land route, due to flying hazards imposed by the weather. It was minutely planned and rehearsed as per the SOP and the Blue Book. As stipulated an Advance Liaison Group of the SPG had coordinated all the details with the Punjab Police before the visit.At 10.50 am his cavalcade left the Bhatinda airbase. For 100 km, as discussed earlier, his cavalcade just zipped through, then suddenly he was informed about the Maoist road block in the garb of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU). This was around 1.40 pm. His convoy halted for 20 minutes and then began the rearward journey. He reached back Bhatinda airbase at 3:20 pm. The short time of 20 minutes in decision making put the ambush plans in disarray, which is evident from juxtaposition of the  video cassette  with the actual incident. As per the protocol, whenever the Prime Minister visits a State the Chief Minister preferably receives him. Had Channi received him and not  sent a ministerial colleague, he would have had no alibi to jeer, mock and deride the assassination attempt. Had he been present, all  the protocols would have been in place. Had he been present the PM’s visit would have been celebrated rather than abused.  After all the prime minister had come to lay foundation stone of projects worth Rs 42,750 crore. These projects include: Delhi-Amritsar-Katra expressway; PGI satellite centre at Ferozepur and medical colleges in Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur. Despite this, the inimical  political messaging to the environment and administration was very clear.

Vehicles were placed for the Chief Secretary and the DGP to accompany the prime minister. None of them did. Even when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated during a public rally, several Congress leaders accompanied him but were nowhere near when the suicide bomber detonated herself. Later Rajiv Gandhi’s family sought pardon for the LTTE killers, a noble Gandhian humanitarian outreach which was not extended to Indira Gandhi’s killers!

The political message from the chief minister had percolated down to the lowest functionary , that is why policemen were seen sharing tea with the protestors or terrorists on the ambush site.



The SOPs with regard to visit of President and Prime Minister come into play routinely between the Centre and the states. It involves several types of communication and intelligence sharing. An Advance Liaison Group is sent by the SPG, which was indeed sent. Rehearsals as per the SOP were duly carried out. The alternative road route was duly discussed in the presence of the DGP. The Chief Minister initially maintained that he was not aware about the land route taken by the Prime Minister and then, later, he contradicted himself that he was awake till 3’O clock at night trying to convince the farmers not to protest. Indeed, whenever there is VIP helicopter move, road movement is always planned as an alternative. Today these anti-nationals have stopped the cavalcade of a prime minister, tomorrow during war they will block movement of troops and logistics during war. It should be remembered that that the British had developed a wide network of roads in Punjab because of strategic exigencies of the Afghanistan Frontier as part of the Great Game. It was not done for any altruistic reasons. Even though Manmohan Singh was a selected Prime Minister he never faced such a threat, not even in Assam which he was made to represent in Rajya Sabha.



This author was on a TV channel the day Ajmal Kasab was hanged. With great pride the then Home Minister proclaimed that no one else other than the PM, Sonia Gandhi and himself, had any inkling about the event. I immediately objected to the constitutional impropriety of the trinity, as by informing Sonia Gandhi, Official Secrets Act had been violated. When I said this, the anchor suddenly went into a break and then she received a flurry of communications. After the break the Home Minister rescinded his statement and said Sonia Gandhi had no knowledge of the event. And now the Chief Minster says that he has briefed Priyanka Gandhi about the episode involving the security and life of the Prime Minister.



Who wants to kill Modi? They can broadly be divided into two categories. There is a hate constituency in India who want to see Modi dead because they feel under him there is Hindu renaissance, there is another constituency which would like to see him dead because they feel under Modi there is an Indian renaissance. In collective terms, these constituencies are Maoists, Jihadis, Khalistanis and the Church. They have affiliations with India’s enemies Pakistan, China or both. The Khalistanis straddle both the constituencies because of their sizeable presence in the western countries. Khalistani ideology has not come directly to India from Pakistan, but the latter has routed it through Sikhs abroad. The main purveyors  have been  overwhelmingly from onestrand of Sikh Community empowered and seduced by the British in 1880s at the cost of other streams more steeped in spirituality. They invariably have relatives in the Indian Armed Forces, thus creating mercenaries whose sole aim in life after few years of service was to migrate to the west, so much so that some of them became absconders and yet visit India surreptitiously. Some of the Sikhs in India and abroad have taken to terrorism because they are hardly influenced by Bhakti and spiritualism of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, nor the sant-sipahi concept of Guru Govind Singh ji Maharaj. Hence they have taken the alternative route of terrorism because having jettisoned the motherland, this comes very naturally to them.

The threat to Supreme Court lawyers by the Sikhs for Justice is a very natural progression after the assault on Republic Day and assassination bid on the Prime minister. The recent bomb blast on 23 December 2020 in the Ludhiana Court was also aimed at intimidating the judiciary. The alleged bomber, Gagandeep Singh, a dismissed policeman was killed and six others injured. The NIA has legally moved against one Jaswinder Singh Multani, a member of the Sikh For Justice (SFJ) for being the mastermind. This should have alarmed Charan Singh Channi. Since he had other sinister designs in mind, he chose to ignore it. The same SFJ chad released a video declaring its resolve to block Mr Modi,  and had announced a $100000 award for  his assassination. The Khalistanis have threatened the media as well. They are rattled by the media because as in the 80s they are no longer able to intimidate them because of their hundred fold increase in reach and proliferation. In the 80s they had made the entire media in Punjab fall in line. The Khalistanis intrinsically are bullies who need to be dealt accordingly. The late KPS Gill had diagnosed them rather well.

So many conspiracies have been employed to assassinate Modi, both politically and physically. It began in 2002 when 59 karsevaks returning from Ayodhya were burnt alive in  railway compartment in Godhra in Gujarat,, with the aim of putting the CM, Narendra Modi in the dock. It was a masterly calculation, i.e. if nothing happened he would be blamed for sacrificing the safety of Hindus and consequently killingthe Ram Mandir movement, and if it triggered riots then bay for his resignation. Modi survived politically. Then, immediately the help of Pak ISI was sought to eliminate him physically. The ISI pressed the LeT in service. The LeT recruited Ishrat Jahan to kill Modi. He survived because the security establishment killed her in 2004. The said members of the security establishment were hounded by their own government in the Centre for performing their sacred duty. Four years later the services of Pak ISI were again solicited for attacking India to create Hindu terror, to politically kill the BJP and Mr Modi. He survived that too .Five years after, in the year 2013 there was again an attempt to kill Modi during a public rally,he survived that too. Next, once he became PM there was a conspiracy to kill Modiby the same was as in the case of Rajiv Gandhi by the urban Maoists under the banner of Elgar Parishad. It was foiled by the security apparatus at an advanced stage. So, Ishrat Jahan route, Sohrabbuddin route, 26/11 route, Indian Mujahideen route, MOU with China route having failed, this time a combination of Maoist, Jihadi, Khalistani and Church route was adopted to kill Mr Modi in Punjab. The callousness, shamelessness and criminality of the new CM of Punjab was predicated on the confidence that  he has the backing  of the chief patron of all terrorism in India, the European. The moot question is: Will a European or Pakistan decide who will be the prime minister of India? Will a European decide which prime minister will be cremated in Delhi? Each time Modi survived an assassination attempt he should have thanked the European.



If it is unsafe for the prime minister to travel any part of the country, it is an indication that the enemies of the nation are successfully contesting the writ of Delhi. It becomes the sacred duty of the Central Government to establish its writ, even if it entails imposition of President’s rule. If the Prime Minister of the  country is insecure in Punjab, what assurance does a common voter has in the state? If Delhi’s writ does not prevail in the state, the writ of the Supreme Court will also be challenged. That is why the Khalistanis have threatened the Supreme Court.



(The writer is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research and Analysis Wing, or R&AW)

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