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Who is staining India?

By RSN Singh
Updated: July 18, 2021 5:09 pm

Recently,  a certain, 84 year old Stan Swamy succumbed to Corona in a Mumbai hospital where he was shifted from prison. In death, this relatively unknown figure was thrust upon a larger than life image by a segment of media, activists and influential segment of politicians. Clearly an entire industry was on a overdrive, something that was last witnessed during the judicial execution of Yakub Memon.  Apart from this, and concomitantly, there were two other happenings that betrayed the ideological poison that has found way into the blood stream of Kerala. Seemingly, these may be small  and disparate occurrences, but they mirror, India’s third front. They portray the real face of Jihad, Maowad and Church in India. It was intriguing to see the kind of influence and reach these forces continue to benefit.

One episode concerns  the feminine travesty of global jihad particularly the ISIS that has made inroads in Kerala. The protagonists are two young women, one Hindu and the other a Christian, both educated in the modern sense of the term, one a final year dental student and the other a graduate in English communication and working as a trainee in a multinational in Mumbai. Their non-Islamic names being Nimisha and Merin respectively. They both married two christian brothers,  Bexin and Bestin.  Both converted to Islam. Benin became Eeza Aand Bestin was rechristened Yahya. Consequently, the wives also converted. Nimisha became Fatima.And then began the saga of their jihadi journey, that took them to Afghanistan, where both were widowed and imprisoned, and continue to languish in Kabul jail. According to the Ahmad Zia Saraj, head of Afghanistan’s, National Directorate of Security, there are 408 Islamic State members,from 13 countries, lodged in different prisons in the country. This comprises four Indians, 16, Chinese, 299 Pakistanis, and two each from Bangladesh and Maldives.

It is the Islamic State Khorasan that had recruited them in Kerala and took them across Pakistan to Nangarhar in Afghanistan. It is again bewildering that these couples, Muslims not by birth and upbringing, got consumed by the Islamic State variety of Jihad. In fact, a large group comprising two dozen jihadis from Kerala had journeyed together to Afghanistan in 2016.

Amongst them were two other Christian girls, Sonia Sebastián who on conversion to Islam became Aiysha and the other was Rafeela. Aiysha was married to one Abdul Rashid, the leader of the IS group. Both Aiysha and her husband had become preachers and recruiters. All four were widowed by US strikes on their husbands over the period. Bereft of their husbands these jihadi ladies found their place in jail. This is tragedy of women who join the Islamic State. Married or widowed, they primarily serve as sex slaves, which is considered service to jihad.

Nimisha has a four year old daughter. Is she the daughter of Islamic State or Kerela is a question that global jihadis must answer?

How did these young women abandon respective faiths and adopt this variety of Islam that thrives on violence and terror? Why are Hindu and Christian convictions and moorings so weak that they can be uprooted by the very first wave of jihadi Indoctrination? Is Kerela paying the price for skewed secularism? In the western world too, we are witnessing the phenomenon.

Nimisha’s mother Bindu has requested the government for extradition of her daughter and four year old grand daughter from Afghanistan. She has also approached the Kerala High Court for their repatriation. On the other hand Merin’s mother Minni, was unequivocal that she will only pick up cudgel on behalf of her daughter if she provides proof of her severance with jihadi ways. She stated her conviction that her unrepentant daughter could be dangerous for the society and the country. The bad karma of one person cannot be allowed to cast evil shadow on the entire society and the nation.  Indian officials in Afghanistan interviewed the four widows from Kerala , and found no dilution in their  commitment to Islamic State .

Kerala suffers from extreme form of Islam and Communism. Concomitant with aforesaid Islamic State episode in Kerala, a 22 year old Arjun, a member of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), student wing of the CPM, raped and killed a six year old girl in Idukki district of Kerala. Later this beast confessed that he had been raping her for last three years and on the fateful day when he suspected her dead, stage managed to make it appear as accidental hanging. He also confessed that he enticed the innocent with sweets and chocolates. During her burial the most demonstrative and hysterical mourner was Arjun. No one could suspect that he carried within him this beastly trait. He was a very popular face in citizen campaigns. Well there are bound to be such beastly criminals in any society and any country, but when they are found rooted in ideologies like Jihad and Maoism, then surely the impact of such ideologies on human mindset will be assessed. It will surely be asked as to why the ideologies of Jihad and Maowad make humans so brutal?

There is overwhelming evidence that both Jihad and Maowad revel in blood, both have no faith in established moral order. Islamic State believes in sex slaves,  and Maowad in free sex. Kerala by prevailing  yardstick is considered to be educationally progressive. Of what use is this education which transforms a lady dentist into an enemy of humanity? Any student who comes in the osmosis  influence of Maowad and Jihad, becomes an enemy of society and country. If country’s youth were to be dissipated in this manner by ideological victimhood, then who will brick nation-building.

We saw the fusion of anti-national dance in JNU, Jadavpur and Osmania University. There is yet another fusion group in this concert of anti-nationalism, and that is the Church. The symbolic and calculated attacks on churches in Feb 2015 just before Delhi elections were  politically stage managed. The victim was a willing party for sinister religious and political reasons. Binayak Sen–Church–Maoist axis; murder of Laxmanananda Saraswati in 2008 by Maoist Church combine; arrest of Kanchi Shankracharya Jayendra Saraswati in Nov 2004 at the behest of the Church; are some of the grim reminders of this anti-India, anti-Hindu unholy nexus. Maoists and insurgents facilitate conversion by destabilizing India, and the jihadis are united with them in this objective.

The country, largely, was unaware of any Father Stan Swamy, till his recent death at ripe age of 84 in a private hospital in Mumbai. His hospitalization was humanitarian gesture extended by the Mumbai High Court. He was arrested under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) in 2018 for his role in 2018 Bhima Koregaon violence and links with the Maoists. Whatever the word Father may mean in the Christian evangelical context, Stan Swamy acted as God of Maoist insurgency.  This missionary belonged to Trichy in Tamil Naidu, and was indoctrinated in Maoism in Philippines. In 2013 there were several intelligence inputs to suggest that the Communist Party in Philippines was providing ideological, financial and training support to the Maoists in India. In 2016, the then Minister of State for Home, Kiren Rijiju, informed the Lok Sabha: “the CPI (Maoist) has close links with Maoist organizations in Philippines, Turkey etc.” He further said: “Inputs indicate that some senior cadres of the Communist Party of Philippines imparted training to the cadres of CPI (Maoist) in 2005 and 2011.” Stan Swamy made Jharkhand his base for evangelizing operations. In this operation he used tribal activism as his ideological shield and Maoists as his sword. Stan Swamy was an embodiment of the symbiosis between Christian evangelization and Maoism, both foreign to India.

Stan Swamy was member of the Jesuit Order, also known as Society of Jesus, a 680 years old institution, headquartered in Rome. Jesuits in India are controlled and deployed by this headquarter, so  Jharkhand was not Stain’s own choosing but was guided by evangelical imperatives of Rome. There are 4000 Jesuits deployed in different regions in India by their headquarters in Rome. The clash between indigenous Indian groups and organizations, and foreign controlled evangelical groups is inevitable and from time to time take murderous forms. It is a war going on in India’s hinterland particularly in the mineral rich areas. In this war the spearhead of the Church are Maoists. It would not be wrong to say that in India the Maoists are soldiers of the Church. The murders of Laxmanananda Saraswati, Mahendra Karma, VC Shukhla and the Australian Graham Staines should be seen in this backdrop. The use of Maoists give the Church the deniability just as proxy war gives deniability to Pakistan. While most Indians are aware of Dara Singh, the alleged killer of the foreigner Graham Staines,  the identities of killers of Laxmanananda Saraswati or Mahendra Karma or VC Shukhla will never be known, because they are conveniently clubbed under the generic term ‘Maoists’. This gives a revolutionary tag to most gruesome murders under the patronage of criminally benign patronage of people like Stan Swamy. He had filed a PIL in Jharkhand High Court against prolonged detention of such murderes. A loyal lieutenant of Indian political party, led by a leader of foreign origin, indirectly alluded the killers of his own party men as revolutionaries.

The bondage between the said foreign origin party leader, the Church and the Maoists is well established, something which was very tentative when her husband was at the helm.

Stan Swamy devoted his evangelist-Maoist activism in the Western Singhbhum and Jamshedpur region of Jharkhand, a mineral rich area. The region abounds in iron ore, manganese ore, quartz and titanium. It was with the sole purpose of preventing the Indian State from becoming a competitor in strategic raw materials vis-à-vis  benefactor countries of such missionaries. The Church was the impetus behind Kundakulam Project protests in 2011 and 2012. The project was signed between Rajiv Gandhi and the then Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1988. It was however  in limbo till the year 2000 due to the dissolution of Soviet Union. It was revived and was completed in the year 2016. The protests in 2011 could not have been possible without the tacit support of the Chairman of the UPA, a great die-hard protege of the Church.

The supporters of Stan Swamy peddle the notion that he devoted his life for the upliftment of tribal, adivasis and dalit. Till date it remains inexplicable as to why the adivasis and dalits of India need the intervention of the Church. Earlier, a Staines from Australia had made odisha his home, much to the resentment of indigenous tribal do-gooders. Their self respect responded in a violent manner resulting in the gruesome murder Staines and his children. These are the ugly manifestations of clash between civilizational countries like India and upstarts like Australia. Such was the pain for Graham Staines in the then Indian dispensation, that it conferred Padamshiri to his wife, probably to placate the Church. The dispensation had exhibited the same pain during the trial of Binayak Sen, another Church sponsored stalwart. This pain was however was not palpable, when Aseemanand was arrested. He too had devoted his life for the welfare of tribal in Gujarat. This pain was not discernible when Laxmanananda Saraswati was murdered, he too had devoted his life for the upliftment of tribal.  There was no sense of shock, dismay and disbelief, when at the behest of the Church, the Shankracharya, was jailed, he too was devotedly working for the welfare of dalit and tribal, and was reclaiming them back to the Indian civilization.

As the funeral procession made its way from St Peters Church Bandra there some 20000 people online bid farewell to Stan Swamy, as if some saint had departed. In 2015 there were more than one lakh people who were in the funeral procession of Yakub Memon. Even dead terrorists in India have such an imposing presence. Three CMs, and ten opposition parties shed tears for this Maoist. Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka were profuse in their obituary. Ironically Stan Swamy was arrested under the UAPA, enacted by Sonia Gandhi’s UPA. It is a well known fact that in the UPA regime there were leftist forces and pro-US forces who were forced into political partnership but remained at loggerheads. When the UAPA bill was introduced in the Parliament, the late Arun Jaitley had said that despite being in the opposition, the BJP strongly supported the legislation because it was felt that it is national interest, but the treasury seems to be apologetic and diffident.

In the case of Aseemanand, Laxmanananda Saraswati and Shankracharya, no Human Rights organization took even a token notice. The outpour of grief by a segment of media over the corona ascribed death was preposterous and wildly exaggerated. One newspaper ran its headlines in a way reminiscent of passing away of Bapu in 1948. Many obituaries said that Staines was an unrelenting crusader for introduction of 5th schedule of constitution in Jharkhand. The CM of Jharkhand Mr Hemant Soren as a tribute to Soren must implement it even if it means diluting his own powers.

On 06 July 2021, a letter to the president, signed by Hemant Soren and nine other political stalwarts read: “The 84 year old Jesuit priest and activist who championed the rights and causes of adivasis in far flung areas of Jharkhand was jailed …on trumped up charges under the draconian UAPA..” Apart from Hemant Soren, other signatories were Sonia Gandhi, Sharad Pawar, Mamta Banerjee, MK Stalin, HD Deva Gowda, Farooq Abdullah, Tejaswi Yadav, D Raja and Sitaram Yechury. Mr Hemant Soren therefore must walk the talk  and implement 5th schedule so that Stan Swamy’s soul rests in peace.

On a trip to Daltonganj recently, this author was contacted by some local social activists engaged in the welfare of people in Jharkhand. They revealed how the church was growing opium in its properties to fund their evangelical activities, and also the Maoists.

The support by the political stalwarts to Staines Swamy was not due to vote bank compulsions, they did it because they stand to benefit from the Church created international ecosystem. These politicians need international legitimacy. This ecosystem went on an overdrive after the death of Stan Swamy. The other associates of Elghar Parishad like Rona Wilson and Surendra Gadling got it certified by an American private firm Arsenal Consulting that there computers were attacked by a malware, hence the documents retrieved from their computer by Indian security agencies were planted, and they have no truck with Maoists and they never planned to carry out Rajiv Gandhi type assassination of Mr Modi.

Through this American certification they are now putting pressure on judiciary. This constituency of politicians and activists are perfect examples of urban terrorists.

(The writer is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research and Analysis Wing, or R&AW)

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