Sunday, June 20th, 2021 16:17:50

Islamist Woman Aisha Sultana hurls controversial allegation against Indian Govt

Updated: June 8, 2021 4:26 pm

While speaking in a TV debate on “Media One” channel over the ongoing Lakshadweep issue, controversial Film director Aisha Sultana says Indian Govt is using coronavirus as a bioweapon on Lakshadweep residents. She said so because there are 95 % Muslim population in Lakshadweep. When Sultana was making this wild allegation, the channel moderator Nishad Ravuthar or PP Muhammad Faisal, Lok Sabha MP from Lakshadweep, maintained a studied silence. When BJP representative in the debate, Vishnu, strongly objected to the remark and sought its withdrawal, Ravuthar intervened only to ask if she had any proof to support her claim. When cornered, she started beating around the bush.

Here it is worth mentioning that in Lakshadweep, even after completion of 73 years of Independence, the level of development has not been commensurate with its potential. But the steps taken by the Administration in the recent past has ushered in new direction and momentum to the development in the island. The Administration has laid the foundation for the future of Lakshadweep in a planned way. But a section of Islamists based in Kerala is communalising the development initiatives by the Administration in Lakshadweep.

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