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Where Are Thou Rahul Bhaiya?

Updated: July 11, 2015 10:45 am

It is stupid to ask such a question, the present Congress Royalty believes its impertinent of their subjects to ask anything about Royals. But presently one asked about where the Prince or Pappu—it depends on individual choice to call him by either names—has gone because breaking his self-created convention to go away from India before his birthday June 19, he was in the country in the morning of his birthday. But he then left. In eight to nine hours he would have reached anywhere in Europe. And since India is three hours and thirty minutes ahead of European time and four hours and thirty minutes of GMT, he would have reached in time for celebrations. With whom and where, may we ask. His mother Sonia left a day before her son jetted away. Didn’t she want to bless her son on his birthday? Or she joined him wherever he went? All family and friends affair…

Ask Dr Subramaniam Swamy and he would have interesting facts to relate. He is the self-appointed watchdog of the Gandhis. Whatever be the real facts Congress leaders and party workers are unhappy that at the present times when the party seemed to be making a comeback, both mata and putra left for foreign shores. One old leader, no longer on the Gandhis radar made a nice tactical suggestion. He said Rahul should have celebrated his birthday in some village in his constituency and stayed the night with some poor family. Well whether that should have ensured support for him or not, one thing is sure: Villagers would have for the first time in their lives eaten a slice of the cake from Oberoi or Maurya.

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