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When In Business, Do As Apple Does

Updated: June 21, 2014 1:44 pm

Want to start a business but is afraid of the future? What will you do to make your business successful? Questions like these hit the mind the moment you start thinking. But what if you can make your business a success just by thinking in the Apple way? Most of you might have listened the success story of Apple but none was able to figure out how the company did it. But now a book has certainly decoded the success mantra of Apple. The book What Would Apple Do? is one book that will help to know the mantras to be successful and can be applied in your business.

What Would Apple Do?, gives an insight into the company’s unique business tactics that make it different from its competitors. In 2011, Apple officially became the most valuable company of all time. Company’s out-of-the-box products like iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes, AppStore, have added up to one giant success story. So what’s its secret? What makes Apple the most innovative company on the planet? The answer is simple: Apple does exactly the opposite of what any other company would do.

The writer of the book, Dirk Beckmann is an entrepreneur, author and lecturer. The main subjects of his work are digital business models, new technology and design thinking. According to the author, there are three things, that make the company unique: its business model, technology and the design of Apple. Apple’s business model is completely different from its competitors. Apple exclusively produces products with the sole aim of deriving profit. Apple’s secret of success is to continuously develop new, complete supply chains, implement own ideas without compromises and to make resulting platforms, products and solutions usable by other companies.

From its hardware to its software, Apple has always been innovative in technology part. Apple stands for a digital transformation that retains the established economic way of thinking. In this way, it has every chance of becoming a pioneer providing inspiration for a wide range of business sectors. Anyone can see how single-mindedly it works to design new products and bring them to life. When you pick up an Apple product, you just know it’s something special. The reason why Apple is so good at doing what it does is because it strikes the ideal balance between the business model and technology and delivering what the customer wants.

Companies like Apple have developed an innovation culture which is completely different to that of traditional firms because the entire company is driven by a spirit of inventiveness and not just by the R&D department. Ideas have always been the engine of growth in any company. But sometimes it is difficult to convert ideas into a finished product or services. Apple has targeted this segment and the book tells how the company has grasped ideas and converted them into a brilliant product.

Overall, the book is a guide for those who want to build or expand a business. The book explains that you can learn from Apple to be successful and earn money from the digital industries.

By Rohan Pal

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