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What we lost …. What we learnt from his Departure

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: December 9, 2021 9:03 am

A Dark Day today for Bharat to get the tragic copter crash news. A Hero , a brave Jawan , strategist par excellence… whom the nation will always Miss. In 2015 Gen Rawat had survived a copter crash and God had saved Him to strategise, modernise and Make Bharat a Powerful Nation. The first CDS of our nation had a sharp vision to coordinate between Army, Air Force and Navy. Today ,Gen Rawat was on his way to address the army college to share his long military experience before our coming warriors. But it seems like it was not the wish of the almighty. When death calls, no one in the Earth can be secured and shielded. How powerful one might be, how much security one may get, but we learnt a lesson that Time is the most precious aspect of life. Enquiry report will come, our military regime will surely make sure that any lapses at any point, should not be repeated. Already our former Speaker Balayogi and former CM of Andhra Pradesh Raj Sekhar Reddy died of copter crash. All sorts of tight scrutiny in the running of VVIP copter must have taken care of, still sometimes we can not controll the mechanics and technology. We all have seen how our proud Air Force has shown warriors while flying LCA. This year while attending the Air Show at Bengaluru organised by Ministry of Defence , I have seen the mesmerising capability of our proud pilots. Gen Rawat was stressing on the fact to strengthen our military by focusing on Defence Production in Bharat. And true to his spirit, now Bharat has reduced the import of defence products from 85 to 60 per cent. Gen Rawat was instrumental in modernising our army by replacing state of the art guns manufactured at our country. Now Bharat is successfully running ahead by building missiles in the country itself. Gen Rawat had a great vision to strengthen our army with utmost modern techniques with less shoulders . He was confident of making Bharat self reliant in next two years . A good beginning is half done, so Gen Rawat has started in a right way to follow . And his successors will follow his spirit of self reliant of Bharat in Defence sector. A country can never be strong in defence sector until it stops import of military equipments. This Govt under the leadership of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is not missing any steps to modernise our defence sector. Ministry of Defence should take note of the ideas and vision of Gen Rawat, first CDS to implement in future. A rare brave Gen Rawat will always be remembered for sacrificing his whole life for the cause of our Nation. His gather also was a proud respected General. Gen Rawat had imbibed the ideals of his father to reach here. Last but not least, one must pray for his proud wife , who stayed along with him always everywhere … till his death together. Salute to the great Warrior, Nation pays homage to you sir!! Om Shanti.


By Deepak Kumar Rath


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