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What should Salma tell her ladla beta (Salman)…

Updated: May 23, 2015 5:20 pm

Most Indian mothers behave in a ridiculous way about their precious sons. Culturally, this is how it is, has always been and perhaps will continue to be. Most Indian fellows are unapologetic ‘Mama’s Boys’, and don’t feel a bit embarrassed about it …Their special status within the family is repeatedly underlined, till they themselves start believing they are demigods who can do no wrong…

It’s tough being a mother. Parental guidance is something that cannot be “taught”. Any mother’s instinct is to protect a vulnerable child. Which is what Salma is doing! But what causes a child to grow up in a certain way? Why do mothers hesitate to correct their kids – sons in particular? Who teaches basic values to the young?  Should a mother’s love be so irrational that even when a child steps out of line, there are zero repercussions… zero conversations… zero consequences?

On some levels Salman never grew up. He didn’t need to. His life was set. Unfortunately, there are questions that need an answer this time.

Whichever way this case goes, and at whatever speed, there will be those who won’t forgive Salman. Nor will they forget the pain of the dead and the injured. That’s called compassion. And compassion involves Being Human. Towards one and all. I am sure Salma Khan will communicate this vital message to her beloved son. It may save many other laadla betas in India from going down a dangerous road.

Shobha De’s advice

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