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Week Beginning On May 03 to May 09, 2015

Updated: May 9, 2015 1:06 pm

Based on Vedic Sun


April 14 to May 14

Your assertive energy will be the result of more self-confidence. You make a lasting impression in your interactions and when opportunity arises; be quick to take advantage. Any romantic relationship or a friendship started, or moved forward at this time shows promise of growing into a strong and lasting one.


May 15 to June 15

Some sort of stress may trouble you off and on. Avoid any impulsive actions, rather step back and think things through and then convey your thoughts precisely. You may need to alter your strategy to stay on course. Initiating the help and cooperation of others would be easier than you think.


July 16 to Aug 15

You have the opportunity of accomplishing quite a bit by directing your energies outward instead of inward. When it comes to your personal goals, it’s a great time to get mentally organized and think long-term. You would make positive decisions regarding your finances and it’s an opportune time to monetize one of your talents.


Aug 16 to Sep 15

Your ability to forge strong connections with clients and associates will be unrivaled and you might surprise them with your ability to see their needs and interests even before they do. Build on this for gains and new deals. Legal matters can be amicably settled. Students fare well in exams and competitions.


Sep 16 to Oct 15

Progress may come in small steps but it would be steady. Spend time in refining particulars of a plan before you begin execution. There could be a lot of paperwork to contend with if involved in a property transaction. Travel will be both enjoyable and beneficial. There would be peace and harmony at home.


Oct 16 to Nov 15

If you are considering a business alliance, the planetary configuration this week will help you move forward in your collaboration. It is okay to be daring as long as you are sensible about it. You can now wrap up mundane domestic tasks and clear the decks for sprucing up your home. Romance is highlighted.


Nov 16 to Dec 15

Now is the time to look at the past from an objective vantage point. Utilize this information to understand the present, and make new and exciting plans for the future. A creative project launched now has great potential to succeed. You would get renewed inspiration to renew certain aspects of your life.


Dec 16 to Jan 13

It is a time of rejuvenation and new beginnings. There would be a lot of running around as you handle multiple tasks. Being innovative will help you handle all this with aplomb and you gain recognition. You would enjoy good harmony with children. If single a new love interest may be on the horizon.


Jan 14 to Feb11

A business relationship may come to its logical end. Make the most of the change and forge ahead into new avenues. Tune out noisy distractions; establish accord in your surroundings and inner peace will follow. An excellent environment prevails at home. Be judicious in your choice of travel so as not to dissipate your energy.


Feb 12 to March 13

You would have no problem in getting your point across as communications are highlighted. This will help you make connections with those who will be able to help you professionally. You can pick up the threads and bring projects up to speed. Future plans are chalked out in a harmonious atmosphere at home.


March 14 to April 13

You would enjoy a boost in your earning capacity. Upcoming opportunities may nudge you into moving out of your comfort zone but you advance. The period is also conducive to those looking for a new assignment or job. There would be a buzz of positive energy around you which catches the attention of the onlooker.

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