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Weather  warming and danger ahead

Updated: May 26, 2018 5:17 pm

All well educated citizens of the country are very well aware about the weather warming and the future dangers ahead for the country. That the cause of weather warming in a general nature is with many aspects, is something that is  not necessary to write here. We are dealing the other part.


Direction and flow of polluted heated air-

When earth air is heated it moves to stratosphere. But it cannot pass through ozone layer. Due to its heat Ozone layer is damaged also. The danger is well known. In stratosphere, the movement of air flow is very turbulent. It is not like earth air speed. As air velocity is high, this hot polluted air moves to earth polar zones.  This results into snow melting at this stage and sea water level increases. On the other hand polluted air of a country will affect the neighbour country also.


Some suggestion for reduction of weather warming: Present pollution position  of India-

As per Yale Report of USA, India is ranked one of the most polluted countries of the world. Some impacts of air pollution of many places is given here:

(A)In the north Himalayan range at Uttarakhand in February, the temperature was 20 degree Celsius against the normal 14 to 15. This has adversely affected the sweet fruit production.

(B) Chennai which is highly polluted is located on sea beach.

(C) In March, the temperatures were high in all states temperature. It was 39 degree Celsius. The winter had almost vanished.

(D) In Maharashtra, in Vihar Lake area, the average temperature was 39 degree Celsius.

Looking at all these climate change examples, the following dangers have projected what may happen after 50 years from now. There will be heavy snow melting at Himalayan Range. This will have seven floods in the country. the other adverse effects will be on the rivers.

Kathmandu city of Nepal will be severely affected. In our country, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Allahabad will lose the potential religious importance.

On the other side the sea level water will increase to 4.85 metres. Puri, Chennai city, Mumbai city, with many other places will be drowned heavily under water.



in March, European countries faced severe snowfalls. In North America severe cold wave prevailed due to heavy melting of snow at polar zones.

Some scientists forecast that due to snow melting in 1000 square km or more in Syberian region, green plantation will come up. This may have some ecological imbalance. But we have got some reversion on this. Because big plantation depends on many

factors: land, time, manure, soil condition and other factors. This may protect the emission partially only.

Some suggestion on mitigating the effects of climate change

The subject itself is a vast ocean. A set of suggestions given below will give a little guidance for future generations.

1- Weather warming is the problem of the nation, not of the  government. So people’s awareness is prominent factor for internal and external pollution.

In London, they have live tracker measuring each breath of hourly level of toxic nitrogen dioxide system. In absence of Live Tracking monitors, one cannot monitor the air quality and ventilation co-efficiency. So installation of those monitoring units in all big cities as per USA standard is very much essential. When general public will know the quality of the air, they are inhaling, it will definitely come to their mind for further development. So monitoring stations are the prime necessity.

2- There need to be zero tolerance for forest fire, stubble burning, sugarcane leaf burning, rural wood fuel burning and deforestation as well as garbage burning.

3- House lady should know that internal pollution is 10 times more than the outside pollution. so proper ventilations are an important factor.

Roof-top gardens and portable flower vessel in all types of flats will be better  appericiated in this regard.

4- Prevention of dust and smog-Artificial rain is the only method to achieve this.  People’s active participation is required. There shall be some mandatory laws to enforce for city dwellers for proper utilisation of wash basin water, to spray into outside air. They have to install a 3 to 4feet long 1/2 inch diameter, perforated GI pipe line with 1/8 inch diameter holes. The pipe will extend to the outside of the building. Wash basin outlet waters may be discharged to the sky in night time for two to three hours. This type of water spraying will definitely reduce the city temperature. The new structure can be easily implemented using overhead water tanks.

5- (a) For a city like new Delhi, we suggest the government to have some heavy vehicles with built-in 5000 liters capacity water tank with diesel driven water sprayers to spay water on three sides.

In night time 50 water sprayers of such vehicles may move to spray the water on roads. This will reduce this smog.

(b) Pollution monitoring equipments as explained above shall be must in sufficient numbers for public awareness.

(c) Now govt has taken trial of 1000 kilometres of National Highways with plastic garbage utilization. It will expand rapidly into rural muddy roads.

6- Industrial waste- Dealing with industrial waste from large industries is a subject that has not been dealt here. But for small industries such as rice mills, small sized electrostatic precipitators shall be introduced.

7- Fossil fuel control- In our country the present stock of fossil fuel is only for 30 years. The present thermal power plants operate at 50 % efficiency. On the other, for the elite mass 1 kw of power at consumer end, 5 kw of power/energy is needed at the source end.

Considering future stock and CO2 emission, we should encourage to go for water turbines which are installed in Uttarakhand.

In this context, in March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has launched a 75 MW solar power plant in UP, in collaboration with the French government. He is the torch bearer for this. This plant has twelve advantages as follows:

(1) pollution free (2) No transmission, sub transmission and distribution loss (3) Less Maintenance (4) No water requirement (5) no waste disposal waste (6) better plant load factor (7) Flexible load (8) less manpower (9) Economic civil construction (10) no fossil fuel. So we are much thankful to our Modi and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

8-Hydro power plant – At present 12  % to 15% of rainwater is utilized and the rest is flowing to the sea. For generation of 1 KWH of power 200 to 250 litter water is needed. These hydroplants save deforestation whichcauses much human suffering with many-many problems. So power generation from tidal waves, wind mills, solar energy are preferable for better control on environmental pollution.

9- Rain water preservation, installation of water barrages, tanks, different types of check dams in plain and rural areas are prime factors. It is a major topic, not for detailed discussion in this article.

10- River interlinking from Ganga to Cauvery- Hundred years back Bharat Ratna engineer Sir Mukhya

Gundam had given the proposal.

We are thankful that our Prime Minister is taking huge steps on this and works are going on. It will have a fruitful result.

11- Mines excavation in the country- It is going on and the vacant holes or pits that it leaves behind shall be converted to water ponds with plantation.

12- Plantation trees on sea beach are going on but progress is slow. Rapid action is needed. Let us

be brave to face the weather warming and save nation for future generation.



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