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“We Should Not Forget Our Roots, It Is The Basis Of Our Religion”

Updated: November 15, 2014 10:33 am

Head of the Parmarth niketan , Swami Chidanand Saraswati talks candidly with Editor Deepak Kumar Rath on various issues related to country, religion. Excerpts:


Being a saint, what is your responsibility towards the country?

Living for others is the basis of the Hindu religion. This whole world is like a family to us. To make this family, we have to sacrifice many things, have to think together and live together. In this way, we incorporate the concept of ‘live and let live’ in our lives. We have a concept of ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’, which means we not only care for our fellow human beings but also for our environment. I think one who can coordinate between this quagmire of human- environment relationship is Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Do you believe in this?

Yes I think so. Not only in America, Narendra Modi is cruising to become a world leader. He is the first prime minister in the world, who is environment friendly.

Modi has utmost belief in the power of youth. As a saint, what is your message to the youth of this country?

Youth are full of energy. They want to be something, want to achieve something. Now, the time has come for the youth of India to capitalise their ambitions and energy. But, this energy needs a right direction and our prime minister is a man who can give this direction to them.

Don’t you think western culture is misguiding our youth?

This is what I am saying. If we are talking about India, then we are talking about its culture. We should not forget our roots. It is the basis of our religion. There was a time when telecommunication sector was revolutionised. Now, it’s time to bring a revolution in innovation, in which youth can play a major role. Every youth must be filled with energy and this is what Prime Minister Modi is trying to do. Swami Vivekananda used to say “if you give 100 young people to me, I will change the condition of the country.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to do exactly the same thing. He wants to capitalise on this massive human potential of our country. Earlier Gujarat became a model for India but now India will become a model for world.

So, you think Modi alone can capitalise on this youth potential, when there is no infrastructure in the country?

e need intra-structure more than infrastructure. Japan was devastated after the explosion in Hiroshima, but that incident made Japan what it is today. It was because of the self respect generated in the citizens of Japan after that incident. Narendra Modi is trying to invoke that pride in our people. We all are one and our development depends on remaining one. We all have to live and die together, so we need intrastructure before infrastructure.

There is a constant struggle between Indian and western culture. People are preferring convent schools than gurukuls. One can’t do Saraswati Vandana in schools. Shankaracharya is being beaten up on road by policemen. What you have to say on all these.

As I said, this is the beginning. In this phase only, many things have been set right. Only few months have gone by and many things have changed. We have to see what comes more. Modi talks of 125 crore people, but such time is coming that he will talk about 725 crore people. It is because when a person thinks more about people than himself, then many things start moving. When people think more about themselves than the problem arises. Modi believes in ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’, so he will talk about 725 crore people rather than 125 crore people. You will see, his next speech in United Nations will be for the people of world and this will happen.

Modi was touted as ‘murderer of democracy’, ‘Maut ka Saudagar’. Do you think these things still hold forte in today’s condition?

He is one man, who is on a mission. His mission is to make people believe in India. He is asking people to come to India. He says that we have three D’s—Democracy, Demography and Demand. We are not only a market but a global family. This is a big thing and he has taken this as a challenge. He believes that India can play a big role in the international arena and that’s why he says ‘Chale Sath Sath’. When one person talks about these, then media should project that. Corporate have corporate social responsibility (CSR) likewise media should also have media social responsibility (MSR). These issues should be projected by the media. Media has the responsibility to give society right direction.

What are the future plans of Parmarth Niketan?

We not only worship gods but also environment. We also work in the fields of education, health and humanity. Next step is water, sanitation and hygiene. Time has come when people have to decide what course of life they want to take. They have to decide between peg and trees. People have to promise themselves that on their every birthday, they will plant a tree. To learn all these things people don’t need to understand Vedas and culture. The most important thing that we want people to learn is sadiyon ki ibadat se behtar hai woe k lamha, jo tune bitaya hai kisi insaan ki khidmat me.

(Transleted By Nilabh Krishna)

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