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We are ready to open front against Congress from road to court: Jairam Thakur

Updated: January 16, 2023 10:22 am

Considered to be an important player of BJP in Himachal Pradesh, former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, in an interview to  anshuman anand said that after coming to power, Congress has started working with a sense of revenge. Here are excerpts of this interview:

What is the reason behind the big decisions taken by your government and the changes in those decisions by the Congress government?

I welcome the new government that came after the election. The Congress government has been formed in power even though the difference in the percentage of votes is very less. Congress got a majority of 0.9 per cent votes. I believed the government in Himachal would work forward for development, work together, but the way the government is working seems to be something else. Politics should not be done with the spirit of revenge. We had said this thing five years back and also implemented it. Himachal has a culture, and according to that, one should not act with the spirit of revenge.

I had taken decisions in the public interest in Himachal. I started many institutions which were necessary for development in different areas. We have talked about reviewing the decision of the Medical Institution opened on 1 April 2022, not about canceling it by the government. At that time the mandate was in the hands of the then government, and it worked with the same mandate. The functioning of the institute, admission of children and different staffing have been done and now it is wrong to cancel it. And we will oppose that thing and will oppose it in such a way that if we have to go to the court, we will go to the court too. Actions done with the spirit of revenge are not tolerable.

Why is the Congress government attacking the public welfare schemes started by your government?

There are many people driving the new Chief Minister from behind, who are completely unaware of the dire consequences of this. They are unable to bear the consequences of the public welfare schemes launched by our government. The people of Himachal were expecting that the government would work peacefully, but the work being done with a sense of revenge has angered the people. Due to this, all the people have come on the streets. And to bear the brunt, the Congress party will have to be ready for this. At the same time, I request the Chief Minister not to follow the dictates of selfish people, who want to dislodge him from power along with confusing him. This will not give strength to the government, rather the government will become weaker.

How do you feel about the development work done by your government?

I have no need to fear. We are committed to the decisions made by our government. If any kind of problem comes, then I will try my best to handle it and give the right solution to it. If anything happens, we will take it to the public, we will also start a public movement, and if there is more need, we will go to the court.

What is your reaction to the promises made in the election manifesto of Congress?

All the parties bring out their respective manifestos for the elections, on which everyone should focus. And whatever promises they have made, they should work on them with focus. Along with that, those promises should be fulfilled. The Congress government in Himachal has not been able to form the cabinet till now (at the time of the interview) even after so many days. Some people are determined to get a berth in the cabinet and some people are engaged in becoming deputy CM. There is a tussle in the party to form the government. In such a situation, no government can ever function properly.

What is your opinion on the issue of development of the state?

There are many such issues in Himachal that the government should pay attention to. The government should focus on how it can change and strengthen the tourism sector in Himachal, how it can increase connectivity in Himachal, how it can develop medical infrastructure, education sector etc. There are many such topics on which the government should pay attention. But it is very unfortunate that the government started working on a negative note. This has never been the thinking of the Congress party. The Congress party never had such a thinking even during the time of former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh. Virbhadra ji first used to review anything and then used to take action on it.

What could be the reason for the aggressive manner of the Congress government after winning the elections?

This is just the beginning, a lot more can be seen and heard in the days to come. In the coming days, when we will attack the Congress government, then the Congress government will have to be prepared for how we will tear them apart. Those who are giving any kind of advice or putting any pressure on the present government, they need to think about it. Also, the Congress party needs to work with

What will be the effect of the proposed reduction in the price of a gas cylinder in Rajasthan, and similar price reduction in Himachal Pradesh, on the BJP in the 2024 elections?

BJP will not face any kind of problem regarding this issue in future. Whenever the next elections will be held in Rajasthan, Congress will be eradicated. There is an atmosphere of anger among the public against the government of Rajasthan. Also, if we talk about BJP’s defeat with fewer margins in Himachal, we are aware of this and will solve it through feedback.

What kind of impact was there on the party when the rebel MLAs contested the election?

I believe this thing definitely affected the election and the party. We have also lost the elections at many places where the rebels contested the elections.

What is your opinion on coming to Delhi and meeting senior leaders of your party and other issues?

I had come to meet the Prime Minister as a courtesy call. And there was also discussion about the elections. Many decisions can be taken keeping in view the lapses regarding the elections, held at present, and what kind of improvements can be made in the coming elections. I also met other members of the party and we are also discussing the roadmap for winning all the four seats in Himachal Pradesh in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

I believe that definitely the government of 2024 will be of BJP, which will be led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and we will form a government with absolute majority.

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