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War For The Best Smartwatch

Updated: October 11, 2014 3:01 pm

Apple anno-unced its plan to launch Apple Watch and once again started the age-old war between its favourite rival Google. But this war will definitely bless the users with the best of the best

Apple once again gave the reason to rejoice for its users that it has not left them behind android. Apple is all set to challenge Google in the newest form of technology—smartwatch. On one hand we have Android Wear which, according to Google, will bring everything to your palm and on the other hand Apple Watch which helps you get the features of a smartphone in a watch. Now it is a battle for the best.


The least common thing or a major point of difference between Apple and Google is the user interface. The “Digital Crown” on Apple’s watch serves as one of the main ways of interacting with the UI. It’s essentially a scroll wheel and home button in one unit. The rationale for this change of heart is that a smartwatch screen is small, so you shouldn’t always have to cover it up with your fingers to use it. Google feels differently as it believes the user should get everything in Wear with a swipe gesture. Voice inputs also come into the picture as both the companies have their own voice assistance. Both, Google’s Voice and Apple’s Siri, have established themselves as a new future of voice assistance.


The most common feature one can accept in the two devices would be the notification center. Apple Watch and Android Wear can automatically display the notifications that appear on your smartphone. It is reported that Apple will have buttons which will allow you to trigger common actions like replying to message. On the other side, Android Wear has these buttons in-built. All the buttons in regular Android notifications are replicated on Wear. This is one of Google’s big strengths in the wearable market— developers don’t have to do anything to make their apps work on Wear at a basic level.


Google is doing best to make its new feature, Google Now, to become an integral part of the android. Google Now cards are beamed over to the watch automatically with information like the weather, travel times, and flight information. Apple lags behind Google as it has not developed such kind of feature till now. Android Wear can go into search mode without a single tap when you say “OK Google”. It also has the advantage of Google’s knowledge graph and customized search cards.

There might not be a winner yet, but at least we have a race on the cards, for sure.

By Rohan Pal

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