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Wages Of Having A Vegetarian Boss

Updated: July 4, 2015 10:05 am

The officials and media men accompanying a prime minister on a foreign tour look forward to some purchases but they generally are eager for some exclusive food of the country they are visiting and some sight-seeing. So the new officers were anticipating some exotic dishes in Beijing and really eager to have fish dishes—hilsa, if you please—in Dhaka.

When the Prime Minister flew to Beijing his officers dreamt of aroma of Peking Duck, genuine Dim Sum and Ice-cream with lychees. Alas when they had their first meal, all the dishes were vegetarian. Peking Duck and Scezwan were conspicuously absent. The sad news soon reached them. Out of respect for the Prime Minister only vegetarian dishes would be served. The officials did not have much hope In Seoul but when they landed in Dhaka, the discussion was on how good Hilsa dishes are. But alas they got vegetarian dishes and that too tasting like dishes in Delhi. We are in for veg meals for maybe another nine years, lamented a younger officer. He too, by coincidence, is left with nine years of service. Our suggestion to him is to turn vegetarian. He wouldn’t suffer pangs for Peking Duck or Hilsa.

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