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VR Headsets Galore

Updated: May 18, 2017 11:04 am


“Technology will not change great teachers but technology in the hand of great teachers can be transformational,”this was said by a great personality. Therefore, transform yourself in the era of transformation by choosing yourself the best VR headset to watch any video at any place


A cardboard

Cardboard sets basically cost  Rs. 150. These headsets also have a capacitive button on the side, this is a rusty and unsteady affair. At the end of the day, the cardboard headsets offer the least pleasant experience you can have in VR, but the low price means that there’s no real barrier to entry here. Anyone who has a phone that has a gyroscope in it can use these headsets, and get a basic VR experience. It’s best for short experiences at home, thanks to the lack of padding and because the cardboard body makes it feel like it could get damaged in a bag.

Clip on lenses

There are a couple of different designs for clip-on headsets that can be used with Google Cardboard. The build quality of these headsets senses a lot better than cardboard. These headsets are also typically easier to utilize – you don’t have to opening the phone into any pocket, and lining up the lenses with the middle of the set is also usually pretty straightforward. On the other hand, there are some downsides to these headsets too. For one thing, there is absolutely no way to prop it up without your hands – you can’t rig up any kind of tie to hold it in place, therefore after a long  session, you’re going to feel a little tired.


Plastic headsets

This is where things start to get interesting – varieties  from cheap headsets like micromax x090 , which you can get for Rs. 1,100, to slightly bulkier ones that enclose the sides such as the DMG VR Shinecon headset which will set you back by around Rs. 2,200, all the way to expensive ones such as the Sunnypeak headset that will cost you Rs. 5,500 – all offer pretty much the same thing. These are all Google Cardboard headsets that have been designed with varying degrees of padding for comfort, and straps to hold the phone up to your face without requiring you to use your hands at all.


Gear VR

The most expensive mobile VR headset, the Gear VR also needs a companion phone that’s picked from a very select list of devices. Even the cheapest phone that the headset will work with – the Samsung Galaxy S6 – will set you back by around Rs. 32,000 at the very least. If you’re an Apple user, or if you’ve already got a phone recently, then the chances that you will experience the Gear VR are close to nil, and that’s a pity, because it’s the best mobile VR experience possible.


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