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Visionary Doctor

Updated: August 7, 2010 11:52 am

In nothing do men more nearly approach the God than in giving health to men. And this is exactly what Dr SS Agarwal, Director of PJ Kalyan Group and Swasthya Kalyan Hospital Pvt Ltd, is doing. In order to make the medical profession compatible and reachable to each and every person Dr Agarwal came forward with revolutionary thoughts. In this regard, Dr Agarwal, a physician and National Vice President of Indian Medical Association, headquartered in New Delhi, highlights some human attributes required in the medical field: “When we recruit persons, we consider the eligibility criterion, which is essential. But with this alone, we can’t achieve our aims of proper human resources. For this, they must also have receptiveness, insightfulness, sympathy, compassion and perfection. These things are not imparted to them during the whole tenure of their studies. In my view, as in the case of defence profession some personality traits are required, the same is the case in the medical field, where some traits are essential before the recruitment.”

            For providing necessary information on health-related issues, Dr Agarwal has delivered more than 1000 lecturers at schools, colleges and to the general people all over Rajasthan. Stating the problems the medical sector is afflicted with, he says: “There is a mismanagement going on continuously regarding the required capacity and utilisation of modern equipments. This is witnessed in government hospitals where the state of under capacity and huge utilisation of modern equipments is quite evident, whereas in the case of private hospitals there is over capacity and under utilisation. The equipments and machineries, therefore, have to undergo a severe wastage, which results in high costs for patients at private institutions. What is worse, now-a-days, doctors don’t prefer to go to villages to help people in dire needs. One of the main reasons is the fact that they don’t get proper infrastructure there and feel helpless. Also they have a misconception that having rendered their service in villages, their future prospects might get blunted.” Hence to dispel this misapprehension, he launched “Aao Gaon Chalen Project” in Rajasthan at Jaipur on December 4, 2004, which was inaugurated by the then Governor of Rajasthan and the present President of India Pratibha Patil.

            Dr Agarwal has also made several robust efforts in his state. He organised 1592 voluntary blood donation camps in which more than one lakh voluntary donors have donated blood. He also arranged selflessly 1587 medical camps to facilitate the healthcare services. No wonder, he received ISBTI national award by Karnataka Health Minister, state award for best work in social sector and city award for outstanding contribution to medical services in Jaipur city. When asked what spurred him to organise such camps, Dr Agarwal pointed out: “The condition of Rajasthan in terms of providing health care services is really miserable. No innovative thinking, planning and development are reaching the common man mainly because of lack of efficient manpower and resources, lack of political will and also due to red-tapism of bureaucracy.” But unwavering, steadfast, Dr Agarwal has a vision to fulfil his mission to take the healthcare services to the doorsteps of the common man.

By Sonia Chawla

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