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Vice President calls upon youngsters to draw inspiration from the Olympians to work hard and achieve their goals

Updated: August 26, 2021 1:47 pm

The Vice President, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu today called upon youngsters to draw inspiration from the Olympians who not only made the nation proud with their achievements but also generated widespread interest in various sports.

Urging youngsters to work hard to achieve their goals, Shri Naidu said that hard work never goes unrewarded and it will always yield positive results. “So, don’t give up, fight for your dreams and make a difference to the world,” he added.

Virtually addressing the concluding ceremony of Diamond Jubilee commemorations of Shivaji College, the Vice President said that students should be allowed to spend equal time in classrooms and recreation grounds. He said that participation in sports boosts confidence, builds team spirit and improves physical fitness, which he said was important to combat the rising incidence of lifestyle diseases. “Sports should be made part of the curriculum and students must be encouraged to place equal emphasis on sports and other forms of physical activities,” he added.

Highlighting the life-changing role teachers play in a student’s life, the Vice President emphasised that no matter how successful one becomes, they should never forget the cardinal role of their teachers in shaping their lives. He said that the values and teachings that the teachers impart help shape the life of an individual and the society at large. “Learning is an endless, yet fruitful journey in which both students and teachers advance together,” he added.

The Vice President said that apart from imparting quality education, our teachers must also inculcate in students the ability to face difficult situations with courage and equanimity. He emphasised that educational institutions must pay special attention to the emotional stress faced by students, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

Observing that there is a huge potential for India to become a world leader in various technological domains given the demographic advantage and the presence of highly talented youth, the Vice President said “we need to go beyond books and explore the experiential method of learning.” He mentioned that the experiential learning approach was followed in ‘Gurukuls’, where students were taught by their gurus in a hands-on manner giving them practical experience in an open environment. “I feel the experiential method of learning, which helps students think critically and creatively, is the way forward and should be inculcated in our education system,” he added.

Appreciating the unity shown by people during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vice President said, “From individuals to communities, from voluntary organisations to state agencies, everyone in India came forward to collectively overcome one of the severest challenges mankind has faced in recent times.” The Vice President lauded the students of Shivaji College and the University of Delhi for taking initiatives to connect health emergency support providers with the affected persons and their families during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Asserting that helping one another during a crisis is the essence of our culture, Shri Naidu said, “I am glad, we as a community, lived up to our ancient philosophy of – share and care.”

The Vice President also expressed his happiness over the involvement of Shivaji College students in community service and environment-sensitive initiatives. He said that involvement in such initiatives is important as they help in moulding the civic sensibilities of students and also instil compassion among them. “Passion and compassion should go hand-in-hand,” he added.

Professor PC Joshi, Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, Professor Balaram Pani, Dean of Colleges, University of Delhi, Professor Suman Kundu, Director South Campus, University of Delhi, Prof. Shiv Kumar Sahdev, Principal, Shivaji College and others were present virtually on the occasion.

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