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Vasan Split: A Bad Omen For Sonia

Updated: November 22, 2014 12:50 pm

The Congress Party is used to splits, it all started way back when Morarji Desai broke away from Indira Gandhi. But he could not succeed. The Congress of Indira Gandhi became the true inheritor of the Indian National Congress. The second time too it was Mrs Gandhi whose party remained the real one. But those were the golden eras of the Congress, it ruled with absolute majority at the Centre and was in power in almost all States. Currently it’s a rump with 44 MPs in the Lok Sabha and rules mainly in two States—Karnataka and Kerala- of some importance apart from some north-eastern states.

The Gandhi’s Congress is in a critical stage. So the split now by GK Vasan, son of former Tamil Nadu strongman GK Moopnar,could prove to be a danger signal, given the weak position of Rahul Gandhi. Most believe that sun is setting on his political career. The usual nothing- to –worry advise by the close advisers of mother and son would push their leadership further towards the brink. They should see red at the regularity with which Rahul is being ridiculed.

Karti Chidambaram, son of the UPA’s former minister P. Chidambaram, fired a salvo at the Central leadership within days of the Vasan split. He said the command-observer culture must go. In effect, he wanted lesser control of the Gandhis. The split could thus encourage other leaders feeling suffocated and also frustrated at the successive failure of Rahul to garner votes, to leave the sinking boat. A few like Inderjit Rao left the party before Lok Sabha polls, some like Birender Singh left during recent state elections. A few others like Shashi Tharoor, Sheila Dikshit, and even Taurn Gogoi have praised Modi. Sandeep Dikshit dared criticise Robert Vadra’s assault on a journalist. All of them risked suspension or ouster. As a token punishment Tharoor was removed from spokesperson post. Sandeep might be denied party ticket. After J&K and Jharkhand elections, in which Congress is expected to fare badly, the Gaya Rams would proliferate and splits could ultimately leave the mother and son holding the party flag with a handful of aides who too have nowhere to go. Vasan’s engineered split could be the precursor of the end of the raj of Gandhis.

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