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Vanzara’s Ghost Writers

Updated: September 21, 2013 12:46 pm

Jailed DG Vanzara’s letter seems to be a futile attempt to tarnish the image of Narendra Modi. Unable to contain the wave of Narendra Modi in the country, the Congress seems to have struck a deal with Vanzara. The main objective of designing and hurling this letter is to dethrone and jail Narendra Modi

Three lawyers who are Union Ministers, two lawyers who appear on television but are not in the government and the highest government law functionary in the court, under the supervision of one who is not a lawyer, pooled their heads after taking inputs from the jailed police officer, and wrote the explosive letter signed by the ‘jailed in Mumbai jail’ Gujarat police officer Vanzara, reliable sources said. The style of the letter clearly indicates that Vanzara does not have the literary talent to write such a letter. Vanzara just signed on the dotted line.

Authors’ Mistake

Vanzara was Deputy Commissioner of Police in Ahmadabad, when the riots took place. Vanzara would certainly have known that the Minister of State for Home in Gujarat was not Amit Shah but Govardhan Zadafia. Amit Shah became the Home Minister, replacing Govardhan Zadafia, six months after Gujarat riots. Yet in the Vanzara letter, Amit Shah is mentioned as the Home Minister, at the time of the Godhra train fire in which 58 Hindu pilgrims from Ayodhya were burnt alive, causing the riots. This huge mistake in the letter is proof that Vanzara neither wrote the letter nor did he read it carefully before signing it and dispatching it to the Gujarat government. Vanzara would have corrected the mistake about Amit Shah.

Arrest Authors of Vanzara Letter

There must be a thorough investigation into the ghost writing of the Vanzara letter, a senior Gujarat Minister demanded adding that the Vanzara letter writers must be identified, dropped from their high positions, arrested and prosecuted for trying to fabricate evidence in the encounter cases.

Vanzara is Rewarded

The Vanzara letter has been created after striking the big deal with Vanzara. Vanzara would not have participated in the letter missile programme, against Narendra Modi, without the huge reward deal.

Vanzara Deal

The Vanzara deal must have been:

      Crores of good wishes, assurance of bail, commitment to make Vanzara an approver, absolve him of all the punishment in case the court convicts the accused in the encounter case,

      Ensure a political position and the opportunity to be the Lok Sabha candidate against Narendra Modi from the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency.

Three objectives

The Vanzara letter episode has been enacted for three specific objectives. The three objectives are under mentioned:

      The first and foremost objective is to create the huge media hype of propaganda negativity against Narendra Modi. The Vanzara propaganda to be used to attack Narendra Modi, after failing to dethrone Narendra Modi, by using the Governor and the Gujarat Lok Ayukta.

          The second objective is to prevent Narendra Modi from becoming the BJP Prime Minister candidate.

      The conspiracy is to abort the September initiative of the BJP, to announce Narendra Modi as the BJP Prime Minister candidate.

It is well known that the anti-Modi elements in the BJP are led by L K Advani. Advani may now wave in the face of the RSS boss Mohanrao Bhagwat and the deputy chief Bhaiyya Joshi, the Vanzara letter. The Advani group will scream their lungs out that the BJP would lose all the Assembly elections in December 2013, if Narendra Modi is appointed as the Prime Minister candidate, now.

11 Votes Waves

There is a huge fear that if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister candidate, then there would be combination of 11 vote waves in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections:

One: Anti-high scams of Manmohan- Chidambaram government votes wave.

Two: Anti-high prices of Manmohan-Chidambaram government votes wave.

Three: The falling rupee value against the dollar creates a wave of support for the clamour that Narendra Modi alone could reverse the rupee free-fall.

Four: Anti-Pakistan, anti-China
and anti-terrorism votes wave for Narendra Modi.

Five: Pro-Narendra Modi votes wave of most Indians, seeking 100 per cent clean, competent and patriotic

Six: Massive youth votes wave for infrastructure, employment, higher income and better future.

Seven: Growing women votes wave for protector Narendra Modi as the only one who will kill all the criminals in India, to make the society safer for women.

Eight: The 100 per cent support for Narendra Modi of the entire spectrum of the low-high middle classes craving for liberation from the collapsing economy.

Nine: The farmers’votes wave for Narendra Modi to prevent the Manmohan government from destroying agriculture and their livelihood as was done to manufacturing.

Ten: The votes wave of millions of employees, who are scared that the Manmohan government will, in connivance with American companies, loot all their pension and insurance funds.

Eleven: Huge votes wave of other backward castes’ voters, consolidating 100 per cent across the Hindu belt, for Narendra Modi.

The third and the most important objective of designing and hurling the Vanzara letter is to dethrone Narendra Modi from the Chief Minister position and jail him. The Vanzara letter will be placed in the CBI court, as evidence. There will be the conspiracy to use 319, on the basis of the Vanzara letter and subsequent evidence by Vanzara in court. 319 will be used to make Narendra Modi the co-accused in the encounter cases. 319 will be used to remove Narendra Modi as the Chief Minister. 319 will be used to jail Narendra Modi, until the completion of the Lok Sabha elections. 319 will be used to prevent Narendra Modi from campaigning, since he would be in jail and thus prevent the BJP from wining enough Lok Sabha seats to capture the India government in 2104.

The Vanzara missile is the ultimate attempt to abort the process of Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India. The Narendra Modi opponents have demonstrated their electoral impotence against Narendra Modi by using the Vanzara letter, as the only method to destroy Narendra Modi.

However, the Congress party has done one hugely stupid activity in the Vanzara missile project. No Congress person should have appeared on television to parade as spokesperson of Vanzara. The Congress party should have kept completely quiet for a couple of days. The Congress party should have allowed the public minds to believe that the Vanzara letter is the “falling out of the thieves” and that it is the internal war between Vanzara and the Narendra Modi System.

The Congress party spokespersons by screaming on television, the defense has stupidly exposed the Congress party to the accusation that it has conspired with Vanzara to blacken-hurl-jail Narendra Modi.

Be that as it may, the Congress party should not have allowed its spokespersons to administer suicide to the Congress party, by voicing the Vanzara letter as if it is the Gospel truth of an innocent and honest police officer. The Congress party should have allowed Vanzara letter to kill Narendra Modi, without showing the ink of the letter on their faces on television.

Vanzara accusations are completely stupid. He has not been jailed by Narendra Modi. Vanzara has been jailed by the CBI through the court. Vanzara case has not been transferred out of Gujarat by Narendra Modi. It has been transferred by the court to Mumbai on the ploy of CBI through the petitioners. Vanzara has not been shifted to the Mumbai jail by Narendra Modi. Vanzara has been shifted to the Mumbai jail by the court.

Vanzara and family not being financed by Narendra Modi indicates Narendra Modi’s governance perfectness, of not getting into tampering evidence. Vanzara lawyers not being hired by Narendra Modi, shows governance correctness of not associating with government officers in the jail and in litigation in the criminal cases. Vanzara through his letter has attempted to provide fodder to those wanting to eat Narendra Modi, before the campaign for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections begins.

All those who are opposed to Narendra Modi will kiss copies of the Vanzara letter. All the Narendra Modi opponents in the entire political system are intelligent enough to know fully well that the Vanzara letter is the instrument of the desperate conspiracy, at any cost, to destroy Narendra Modi and to prevent him from becoming the Prime Minister.

However, all those voters who are supporting Narendra Modi will be convinced that the Vanzara letter is the conspiracy to prevent India from having in 2014 Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister. The Vanzara letter will unite all the Narendra Modi voters into the enhanced frenzy of electoral support inspiring them to motivate many more voters for supporting Narendra Modi to win the 2014 governance war-yudh. “Suraaj Yudh”! There is an ancient village saying: Blows, which do not break the back, make the back stronger. The Vanzara blows do not have the punch to knock out Narendra Modi from the Prime Minister race.

By PR Siddhartha

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