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Vanishing respect of Guru and Shishya in India

By Prof. NK Singh
Updated: January 23, 2020 12:08 pm

Two hundreds and seven Vice chancellors and academics of universities in India have written to PM that What happened and is still continuing in different universities is a disgraceful reminder of muddying relations between the teachers and students. In Jawaharlal University violence and disturbance is reported many a time as it has become hub of shameful student conduct. Earlier I had always chamoioned the cause of students and blamed the teachers and authorities for mishandling the Universities. In fact I still blame the administration of the universities for such a murky condition that we have arrived at today.

I realized, without taking side of any political party, that students are also and in some cases primarily responsible for such quagmire that is seen today in the academic world. I have come to such a conclusion after watching a few videos of the JNU episode where Kanhiya Kumar former President of the students union associated left and Aishi Ghosh President of the Union are talking. Some time the former President Kannihya Kumar talks of Modi or Shah or any other person in most irresponsible manner. In fact most of students involved in agitation do not appear presentable in dress.Their language and talk are rather fullof street words they use are crude or rude in their utterances. They do not act as if they are from a top university of the capital of the country.

Recent violence that followed their attack at the server to stop registration of the students is an example of misconduct they indulged in. Even teachers were roughed up and virtually law lessens  prevailed in the premises. It may be noted that University charges nominal fees for academic teaching and is highly subsidized by the Government. Each student cost nearly 7 lakh for the teaching and hostel. Over and above this every now and then there is protest . Look at Leftist audaciaty that after the trouble the Presideent goes to meet the a Chief Minister of Kerala who blesses her and tells her that she should carry on their protest. Now they link up Citizen law wit h their agitation.

Two aspects looked very dangerous : One is pertaining to political violence being indulged in by groups of students. This is increasing and in Universities like JNU anti- national slogans and lectures continue to increase. Foreign Minisgter and Finance Minister are products of JNU yet the atmosphere is deteriorating in most of these institutions. Ministers rightly quipped that the situation deteriorated lately as earlier there were no tukre tukre gang.

Second aspect is not only prevalence of drugs and other undesirable practices there is no strict control. Hostels security is lax without proper check and control.

The emerging scenario is depressing as the universities do not find place in world’s first hundred list. Acadmics should hold highest priority whereas other things like extra curricular activities and union work, liesure time theatre or arts activites have occupied major space. There should be serious debate with the Government and academics to bring reforms in the universities otherwise many of these are fast becoming dens of violence and crime. Discipline is being corroded in the name of Azadi. All kind of license is sought by students in the name of Azadi.

Above all Azadi should be the academic performance . If we look at the United States education it might be lax but highest performance is observed in their universities judging by the patents.There is no emphasis on creativity and innovation. In fact in US projects are given to universties for research and finding solutions which is clear from high achievement of research work.

Entry of an actress Deepika and Swara Bhaskara crying to gather support for the agitators adds rowdy dimension to the university campus activities.

I am very disappointed with the sight we see in videos, the students behaving in most rowdy manner. It appears even teachers have failed in their maintaining high rapport with the students. Where are those who were propagating Guru Shishya relationship? I have introduced Gurushishya system for post graduates successfully. Where are those who are held in high respect by students? Why Gurus are not gurus? We teachers are also responsible for what the state of affairs is emerging day by day.We need to reflect on these issues seriously as our education system is becoming victim of morbid politicization and teachers are playing passive role.


By Prof. NK Singh

(The writer is International Management Adviser.)

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