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Uttar Pradesh Investors Summit 2018: Ushering in a New Era of Economic Vibrancy

Updated: February 9, 2018 2:21 pm

The government has undertaken many pragmatic reforms in the area of ease of doing business to assist investors and to establish and/or operate their business in the State. To assist and to provide ease to the investors and entrepreneurs for investment, establishment and to  smoothly carry out the business operations, the State Government has come up with an improvised and strengthened single window portal, ‘Nivesh Mitra’. This single window portal shall encourage investor facilitation mechanism through providing them online clearances/ approval/ NOCs required to set up and run the business in the State without any physical touch points.


The Government of Uttar Pradesh is organising the UP Investors Summit on 21-22 February 2018, at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Lucknow. Bringing together business leaders, corporate houses, policy makers and representations from around the world, the Summit would focus on ushering in a new era of economic vibrancy in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The state officers have been working 24×7 in preparations to lure investors, both domestic and foreign to Uttar Pradesh.

“We want to remove investors’s myths and misperceptions about UP and improve the state’s image as an investment destination”, said Dr Anup Chand Pandey, Infrastructure & Industrial Development Commissioner.

He said that through dialogues, meetings, road shows, the Government has attempted to reinforce UP’s advantage/strengths/ value proposition. He said that based on hard facts and data these presentations have appealed to investors’ rationale.

The partner countries include  Netherland, Japan, Slovakia and Finland. Banking partner is Yes Bank, FH&RA is hospitality partner, MSME & startup partner is SIDBI, Air India is Airline partner, IIM is academic partner, EY is Knowledge partners. CII are national partner.

In this era of intense marketing it is important that the investor are made aware of recent policy reforms/ new initiatives that will help in improving the business climate.

He said that it is important for an investor to have faith in the machinery of the state that he is going to invest. Creating visibility and showcasing pro-activeness and seriousness of State’s leadership  is vital for attracting investors.

He said that they have to reach out to investors and ensure that UP is both on their long list (exploratory) and short-list (in case of projects).

There are ten focus sectors in which the government is seeking investments. They are

  • Tourism
  • Agro & food processing
  • Dairy
  • Handloom & textile
  • MSME
  • IT/ ITeS and Startup
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Film
  • Civil aviation and
  • Renewable energy

In addition, the state is also focusing on sunrise sectors like Aerospace & Defence, Electric Vehicles, Pharmaceuticals, and Logistic & Warehousing etc.

Entire December beginning with Delhi, the state government has been organizing roadshows in different cities to interact with key industrialists across focus sectors of the State.  High-level delegations comprising  Chief Minister, Ministers and Senior Government officials visited New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata and met potential investors to discuss their future investments plans.

“Creating a consistent and  supportive policy environment”

“Creating an environment for investment in the state ha indeed been very difficult and needs a lot of leg work but the results are certainly very satisfying,”

Uttar Pradesh Industries Minister, Satish Mahana tells Uday India in an exclusive interview.

A no-nonsense man, highly cultured and one who holds human relations in high esteem, Uttar Pradesh Industries Minister, Satish Mahana, who hails from Kanpur, once known as the Manchester of the East, knows the nuances of the business world. Uttar Pradesh Investors’ Summit-2018 is certainly distinctive, and there never has something of its kind been held is how Mr. Mahana opens up the conversation.

He said that the government wanted to create a “consistent and supportive policy environment” and this they have achieved by creating a world-class infrastructure and incubators that supported start-ups in the state. He explained that the intensive research done by his team showed the state did not figure anywhere in the list of even the domestic investors, forget about the foreign investors.

“The first and foremost task before us was to set our house in order and then launch our outreach programme. We have done exactly this in the last ten months of our government,” the Minister said. The advantages of investing in the state were highlighted and the incentives spelled out clear and loud. The minister explained how a very intensive proactive and interactive strategy was devised to lure the investors to the state.

“Our single window system was an instant hit. The 24×7 online availability of professionals to discuss or to answer queries built up confidence and proved to be our contact with the investors,” said Mr. Mahana, adding that the elimination of the ‘third man’ in this case, anyone who would expect his hands to be greased, was totally eliminated. His place has been taken over by the online portal, which has even the minutest of details, which the investor would be requiring.

The next thing was the pro-active mode adopted by the entire government machinery.

He informed how his ministry organized six major interactions in all metros starting with New Delhi. Through these road shows, wherein the Chief Minister, Ministers, high government functionaries were present to interact with investors and they established a direct dialogue and tried to allay any fears of the investors to rest.

The Minister expressed hope that the introduction of the single window system and digitalization, which has helped create total transparency and reduced time lags, will help take UP industrial growth.  “Computerization is not only for modernization and for speeding up the process but also for sending another message to the investors–the days of the government-sponsored ransom are over,” said the Minister. He said for an investor ease in doing business is very vital and we have ensured him exactly this through our simple procedures done through single window.

When asked whether the communal flare-ups in the state will not be a big deterrent for the investors, the Minister said that by and large UP is acquiring the image of a state where a strict measures are being taken to ensure that law and order prevails and this message has been well received by those who wish to invest in the state.

Not placing his bets on any target figure, the Minister said that what he and his team are working on is to create an environment that is conducive to investments. “Targets do not ensure permanent investment promise. What we are looking at is a bonding with our investors that will lead to lasting investments. Also word of mouth publicity is the best and one that will not be taken lightly,” he said.

Stressing that he is confident that the investors will bring great prosperity to the state, Mr. Mahana said the state has huge potentials waiting to be tapped and that through start-ups here, job opportunities will be created; the misery of migration will be arrested; crime rate will fall; people’s living standards will be raised. UP will prosper and will become a competitor in the true sense emerging as an ideal destination to invest.           (K.M.)

The government has undertaken many pragmatic reforms in the area of ease of doing business to assist investors and to establish and/or operate their business in the State. To assist and to provide ease to the investors and entrepreneurs for investment, establishment and to  smoothly carry out the business operations, the State Government has come up with an improvised and strengthened single window portal, ‘Nivesh Mitra’.

This single window portal shall encourage investor facilitation mechanism through providing them online clearances/ approval/ NOCs required to set up and run the business in the State without any physical touch points.

Centralized services monitoring system, directly under the Chief Minister’s Office, aims to deliver investors high quality and ever more responsive services in time bound manner.

The effective & efficient single window portal will have single sign-on for any number of group companies, document locker, a repository of common documents, consolidated fee payment, alerts through SMS & email. The Portal will give assistance to the Investor in understanding the approvals required for setting up the industry by asking few basic questions.

The portal will also have dashboard for the investor making it easy to track & monitor the application, grievance redressal system.

The portal will provide information on policies, sectors specific schemes and incentives, Industrial parks & land availability. The Portal would be dynamic & responsive providing easy navigation on different devices. The Mobile Application would provide ‘On the Go’ facility for users to access single window anywhere, anytime.

All the relevant departments of the state at the cutting edge of doing business in the state have implemented various business and process reforms to enable easy set up and operations of industries in Uttar Pradesh. Some of the prominent reforms implemented by various departments are as follows :

Infrastructure & Industrial Development Department

  • Strengthened Single Window System

“Nivesh Mitra”, the Single Window Portal of the State, enables online application submission, payments, tracking of status, approvals and issuance of certificate(s) for more than 75 services of 12 Departments– Labour, MSMEs, pollution Control Board, Commercial Tax, Energy, Fire Safety, Forest, Food Safety &Drug Administration, PIC UP, Revenue and Urban Development and Weights & Measures.

  • Open & Collaborative environment

Comprehensive checklist, applicable procedures and timelines of all required pre-establishment No Objection Certificates (NOCs), licenses, registrations and other mandatory State approvals are available online.

Draft business regulation is being published online to invite public comments / feedback prior to enactment. Feedback received are considered for finalization of business regulations.

  • Online Land Bank Allotment & Availability

GIS enabled online land bank data has been made available transparently to investors in Industrial Areas of UPSIDC, Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, etc.

Online access to master plans/zonal plans& land use plan.

Labour Department

  • Reduced Inspection Mandatory online filing of Single Integrated Return for all Labour related Acts Integrated joint inspection made mandatory for all Labour related Acts Inspection through randomized risk based selection without any subjectivity involved in selection of establishments
  • End-to-end computerization All services of Labour Department made online by removing physical touch points Self-certification /third party certification for boilers during use u/s 34 (3) of the Boilers Act, 1923, by persons having requisite qualification and experience

Improved Transparency

Well-defined inspection procedure and checklist available on departmental website Computerized allocation of Inspectors Online submission and accessibility of inspection report within 48 hours. Third parties can easily verify the approval certificates in the public domain on website Time bound delivery of all services

“Ensuring to provide all facilities that would attract investors”

In an exclusive interview with Dr Anup Chandra Pandey, Uttar Pradesh Infrastructure & Industrial Development Commissioner (IIDC), Uday India unravels how he, handpicked for the post, leads a team to shape up the state’s most crucial industrial investment sector

The twin phrases that have been  pre-dominant in his mind ever since Dr Anup Chandra Pandey took over the reigns as Infrastructure & Industrial Development Commissioner and was entrusted with the task of  building Uttar Pradesh into a industrial friendly state were ‘ease of doing business’ and ensuring establishment of quality projects. These phases got a practical shape when the 1984 batch seasoned IAS officer Dr Pandey was entrusted with the task of leading the team for the Uttar Pradesh’s most important flagship programme–the Uttar Pradesh Investors’ Summit 2018.

“I started with initiating extensive research. We just had to know our strengths and also our weaknesses,” said the officer, who, while being hand-picked by none other than the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has behind him the experience of having worked with several chief minister in his checkered career  including Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav.

Dr Pandey’s team achieved the unique distinction of ensuring procedures, which removed ‘all human interface’ from  the pre-summit procedures.  Nivesh Mitra is the single window portal of the state, which enables online application submission, payments, tracking of status, approval and issuance of certificates for more than 75 services of 12 departments.

“This wipes out any form of corruption that could occur through bribery or other human prejudices. You are dealing with computerized formats where chances of any such thing are almost ruled out,” explained Dr Pandey.

“While we have to ensure that we provide all the facilities that would attract businessmen, we have also to  make  sure that we also provide quality to our investors,” he said explaining how his digital ‘war-room’  created for the summit in the state annex is manned by highly qualified professionals, from top firms who handle transactions online  24×7. He said that while this procedures reduced time they were also quick and foolproof.

On the onset and as part of the research, all the previous policies of industry and investments were reviewed thoroughly. Then the best  were cherry-picked pertaining to the eleven core sectors which included tourism, renewable energy, textile, film, dairy, agro and food processing, civil aviation, electronics, MSME, IT & startup, electronics and industrial investment & employment promotion policy. In each sector investment opportunities were carefully identified. After this followed the initiative of creating hubs or clusters.

The District Magistrates have been sensitized to ensure that the work was monitored and properly carried out at the grassroots level in their respective districts. The nodal body for industry, Udyog Bandhu, was revived.

It was only when the house was set in order that the government started to set out on its outreach programme. The state government planned six road shows in all the major metros beginning with New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru,  Ahmedabad.  Through these road shows the top state functionaries interacted with key industrialists across focus sectors of the state.  High-level delegations comprising  Chief Minister, Ministers and Senior Government officials met potential investors to discuss their future investments plans.

Ask IIDC what kind  of investments he is expecting after all this spade work  and pat comes the reply, “We are not concerned about number or amount, we want permanent investors for UP.” In fact, he explains that as part of the follow-up strategy, the major component will be to review any investor who failed to turn up.                                     (K.M.)    

Pollution Control Board

  • Ease in Approvals with Increased Transparency

Online application for Consent to Establish & Operate through ‘Online Consent Management and Monitoring System’ (OCMMS)  Enhanced Operational efficiencies Mitigation of processing delays through effective resource management, improving operational efficiencies and effectiveness and paper-less approvals

  • Ensuring timely disposals Introduction of OCMMS automatically reduces application processing time.

Housing & Urban Planning Department

  • Construction Permits simplified Authorized architects can issue the completion certificate Dedicated conflict resolution mechanism established for land and construction permits Multiple Affidavits /undertakings required for obtaining the building plan approval reduced to single common Affidavit/undertaking Computerized system for identifying building/area that needs to be inspected based on risk assessment Online submission and accessibility of inspection report within 48 hours mandated
  • Online Access to Master Plan/Zonal Plan & Land Use Plan Valid master plans/zonal plans/land use plans for all urban areas made available online in public domain
  • Reduced Processing Time Building Plan Approval is provided within 30 days Completion certificate to be provided within 1 day

Urban Development Department

  • Enabling Property Registration Digitization of property tax payment records with a functionality to view online balance payments at local municipality offices level
  • Ease in obtaining Trade Licenses Online facility through e-nagarsewa portal Clear timelines mandated through the Public Service Delivery Guarantee Act for approval of complete application
  • Ease in obtaining Water Connection Online facility to submit the application, payment of fee, tracking the status and approvals for water connection introduced

Energy Department

  • Automatic monitoring of Outages in Industrial Areas DisComs using automated tools to monitor outages in Industrial Areas of State to quickly resume the quality power supply
  • Obtaining Electricity Connection made easy Online system for granting road cutting permissions to obtain Electricity connection Number of documents reduced to two for obtaining the electricity connection Improved online system without physical touch points for obtaining electricity connection
  • Increased Transparency Inspection of internal installations can be carried out by third party Third parties can easily verify approval certificates of electrical installation by Chief Electrical Inspector online

Law Department

  • Commercial Courts Commercial Courts are being set up in 13 major cities to hear and resolve the commercial disputes
  • Paper-less Commercial Courts Online system introduced for e-filing, e-summons, e-payment and e-cause list of commercial cases
  • Digitally Signed Court OrdersIssuance of digitally signed court orders in Commercial courts cases have been provisioned

Food Safety & Drug Administration Department

  • Setting up of Drug Manufacturing Business made easy Granting and renewal of Drug Manufacturing License made online
  • Easy to get Wholesale & Retail Drug License Now Online grant for Retail Drug license through drug store registration & Licensing system
  • Single Click information For All Licenses Comprehensive checklist, procedure and fee details for Retail/Wholesale & Drug manufacturing licenses are available online

Stamp & Registration Department

  • Property Registration Enablers Implementation of Online Property Registration system to ease out registration process Online facility of auto calculation of the applicable fee and stamp duty
  • Easy access to department officials Online facility of auto generation of appointment (date and time) on making the required payment online at respective SRO offices
  • Digitization of Land Records Digitization of last two years land records data at all sub-registrar offices, all land records offices to facilitate property wise mapping of transactions

Forest and Wildlife Department

  • Increased Transparency In Tree Felling Permission in UP Online Portal for Tree felling permit to make it convenient to apply and get approvals Online submission and accessibility of inspection report within 48 hours mandated
  • Relaxed Norms For Tree Felling Permission All tree species on arable holdings/ intractable except 16 (of which 10 species are found naturally) in 46 districts are exempted for cutting i.e. no need of tree felling permission In 24 districts and in 03 tehsils of the State, trees located on personal arable/ intractable holdings, there is no need of tree felling permission for 27 tree species

Revenue Department

  • Increased Transparency Land records of last two years at all land records offices digitized and published online in public domain
  • Avoiding Land Disputes Statistics of land disputes being maintained in land record offices List of current disputes available in public domain on website Land record databases integrated with Judicial database (Revenue) to provide updated status of current land disputes


  • Digitization of Land records Cadastral maps (maps defining ownership) of all rural areas in the Statebeing digitized

Registrar – Firms, Societies & Chits Department

  • Ease through Online Registration of Firms & Societies Implementation of online system for Registration of Firms & Societies Third parties can easily verify approval certificates online
  • Single Click information For All Registrations Comprehensive checklist and procedural details for Registration of Partnership firms/Societies are available online
  • Time bound Service Delivery Clear timelines mandated through U.P. Janhit Guarantee Act for approval of complete application

Weights & Measures Department

  • Ease of Registration for Licensees Online registration system for manufacturers, dealers and repairers
  • Adopting Transparent Inspection Process Online system for computerized allocation of inspectors

Improving Law & Order

The next day after the Kashganj’s incident, while addressing a function organised for girls, on the bank of Sangam, Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi criticised opposition leaders of Uttar Pradesh and suggested them not to worry about the state, as his government has eliminated goondaraj in the state. He said: “My government has liquidated criminals from the state and people of the state concur with my work, which is reflected in the confidence they have posed in my government.” Here it is worth mentioning that, however, it is tricky to remove crime entirely, it cannot be gainsaid that a message has gone to the people that this government is taking strict actions against criminals. In last ten months, it is evident in that hardcore criminals are being killed in police encounter. Therefore, intention of the government is loud and clear.

430 encounters in Uttar Pradesh: In last six months, there have been 430 encounters between police and criminals. There was 193 encounters in Meerut, 84 in Agra and 60 in Bareli. 17 terrible criminals have been eliminated in between this time. 1500 criminals have been arrested so far. While addressing a gathering in Meerut, Yogi Adityanath targeted criminals and encouraged police personnel and emphasised strict action against them. The writing on wall was clear: Either send them to jail or kill them.

Towering Police confidence: Last two previous governments had dragged down the morale of police on the issue of encounter. Reason was simple, caste and vote-bank politics. It is well known that Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) have always been near to those who spread and are involved in unlawful activities. Possibly this may be a reason that both parties avoided encounters in their regime. Wherever any encounter occurred, police personnel had to go to jail. And this was happening with the active support of political leaders who were in power. Instead of resolving the situation, these political leaders helped criminals.

  1. P Verma, home secretary of Utter Pradesh, says that police have been given a free hand to counter criminals in state and its result is before us. Due to this strict action against criminals, unlawful activities in the state have come down.

He says: “During the BSP regime, police had somewhat power against these criminals, but during the SP regime, criminals were free to do anything they wanted. If you ever looked at crime data in the state at that time, Uttar Pradesh was never less than a criminal state. However, in the last ten months, due to encounters against criminals, crime rate in the state has fallen.”

Action against those spreading enmity: Urban crime is different from that often happens in villages. In rural areas, crimes are committed for capturing land and houses. Criminals forcibly capture land and houses and kill those people who oppose them. For hampering these activities, the government has built a taskforce at three levels–at state level, at district level and at tehsil level. The taskforce has pointed out 1,434 land mafias in the state and freed 8,038.38 hectares of land from these people. Cases have also been registered against these people. BJP spokesperson Alok Awasthi said: “The ways the government has taken strict action against land mafia, they will never dream of capturing land.”

Driving out criminals from contract business For earning money, criminals created a web in sand business, road construction work, etc. But the government has exposed the nexus between bureaucrats and criminals. Since 1st October, the Yogi government has initiated e-office and e-tendering, which is a step towards digital India. Around in 455 sections of 95 departments, e-office culture has been adopted mandatorily. Owing to this step, not only works are being finished quickly, but files of various departments are also secure. Under this e-tendering culture, only those people will be given tenders, who really deserve them.  Speaking on this issue, BJP spokesperson Manoj Mishra says, “The Yogi government has created a system, where there is no place for foul play.”

Initiatives to tackle unemployment: There is a big role of poverty and unemployment behind crimes. Keeping this in mind, the Yogi government has started organising job fairs. Till now, four such fairs have been organised. Jobs are being provided to young people through these fairs. And through this initiative, the issue of unemployment and poverty are being addressed. Till December 31, 2018, the government has decided to provide electricity to 1 crore people through ‘power for all’ initiative. 11 thousands transformers have been upgraded in last four months. Energy efficient pump will be provided to 2 lakh farmers. More than 58,000 families that come under below poverty line (BPL) have been exempted from electric bill. Dharmpal Singh, Irrigation Minister, says that the government is doing its best for the welfare of farmers. “During our regime, the irrigation sector is improving rapidly. There is no dearth of water for farmers,” he adds.                (R.B Tripathi)

“Uttar Pradesh tourism is truly investors’ paradise”

Uttar Pradesh tourism sector offers unlimited opportunities for investment. Be it Eco, historical, cultural, cuisine or religious tourism, there are vast business opportunities in all areas. Cabinet Minister for Tourism & Women and Child Welfare, Prof Rita Bahuguna Joshi, in an exclusive interview, talks in depth to Kulsum Mustafa about what  her Ministry is doing to bring investors to the state.

“In terms of tourism possibility, Uttar Pradesh remains unparallel. A total paradise for any tourist–be it for one looking for culture, history, cuisine, crafts or the sublime spiritual and religious experience, the state offers everything under one roof,” says Prof Rita Bahuguna Joshi. Aware that tourism forms the base for a sound state economy Prof Bahuguna asserted that her Ministry will go to any extent to ensure that more and more investments come to this sector.

“Sustainable development of state tourism will ensure both  employment .and prosperity for the people of the state,” she said, adding that promotion of tourism is on the top priority list of not just Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath but Prime Minister Narendra Modi. To substantiate her point she quoted that not only has the Union Government cleared Rs 600 crore projects for UP tourism, efforts are also being made to push UP tourism theme at the national and international levels to attract people from all over the world.

Prof Bahuguna said that opportunities to invest are galore in tourism sector, which is totally a people-driven sector. “The investors and tourists just have to be intelligently tapped and the opportunities showcased to the investor and I am  confident there will be a rush of those who wish to see UP and those who see business opportunities in it,” said the Minister.

“Hospitality and accommodations, transportations, lifestyle tourism, yoga & wellness centers, guided  tours and tour guides, museums,  heritage & cultural complexes, niche tourism products, religious tourism, cultural tourism, MICE tourism, wellness tourism, adventure tourism, handicrafts tourism, heritage and  cultural complexes–all these  sectors are waiting to be tapped,” said the Minister.

“The proposed nine tourist circuits developed by our Ministry try to look for the need and taste of all tourists. They areb based on religion, spirituality, sports, crafts, cuisine and culture,” elaborated the Minister as she talked about some of the projects in the pipeline These circuits have been created keeping in mind the inclination and the demand of tourists, both domestic and foreign. These are Mahabharata circuit; Krishna circuit; Jain circuit; Sufi circuit; Freedom struggle circuit; Craft, cuisine and culture circuit; water sports circuit; Kawad circuit; Shakti Peeth circuit.  “Undoubtedly Ardh Kumb 2019  at Allahabad will be organized at a mammoth scale and will help reach maximum tourist–both domestic  and foreign,” said Prof Bahuguna, adding that preparations for the same are in progress.

Kumb Mela will be held at the confluence of the Ganges and the Yamuna and the invisible River Saraswati.  This year it will be the Tourism Ministry’s USP. A lot  of plans are afloat to make it a  spectacular event and attract maximum footfall.

Listed on UNESCO representative list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the mass Hindu pilgrimage showcases the religious fervor of the kind not seen. These four traditional fairs are held at Haridwar, Allahabad, Nashik and Ujjain. In chilling cold and surrounded by a sea of humanity, men and women gather at Kumbh  to bathe in the holy waters. The religious belief says that bathing in these rivers during Kumbh cleanses a person of all sins.

She said that everything is being done and that includes sensitizing the state machinery and the people about the importance of treating all tourists with respect. Besides promoting tourism through government channels, the Minister said that her Ministry is going to use the social media, Whatsapp, Twitter  to the maximum to promote tourism. “We want to make it easy and comfortable for the pilgrimage so we are going to promote the bed and breakfast tourism all over the state,” informed the Minister. The minister further informed that while the local police will be sensitized the special tourist police will be raised from 200 to 500.

Uttar Pradesh ranks second in the domestic Tourist footfall in the country recording 2135.44 lakhs  tourists . The first is Tamil Naidu which boasts of 3438.12 lakhs. In the international tourism, UP ranks third, securing 31.56 per cent tourists. Maharashtra secures the second position with 46.70 per cent Tamil Naidu is on the top of the list with 47.21 per cent footfall.

Prof Bahuguna  emphasiszed that eco tourism can be another big tourist/investor attraction as Nature has equipped the state with abundance natural resources and thus the state is the ideal place for lovers of eco-tourism. “Uttar Pradesh with its 16620 sq km forest area is home to some exquisitely beautiful landscapes, forest-vistas, meandering rivers, wildlife, flora and fauna, this is a big draw for the Nature lovers people,” said Prof Bahuguna.

The minister emphasized that UP  can be the ideal halt for all bird watchers as the state has  several bird sanctuaries where a wide variety of migratory birds from the northern hemisphere arrive during the winter season. The state has many bird sanctuaries. The Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is situated midway between Lucknow and Kanpur,  Hastinapur Bird Sanctuary is situated on the banks of Ganga near Meerut. The Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary near Agra is home to nearly two dozen type of migratory and resident birds. There are other wildlife and bird sanctuaries situated amid forest land include Ranipur Sanctuary (Banda), Kaimoor Sanctuary (Mirzapur), Samaspur Sanctuary (Raebareli), Suraha Tal Sanctuary (Ballia) and Patna Sanctuary (Etah).

Talking about the historical tourism Dr Bahuguna said that efforts are on to organize light and sound programme at some of the historical buildings/forts and this will draw a lot of tourist and also the ministry a good chance to showcase the state’s history through the attractive medium of light and sound, which is what has been done across many states and countries.

According to the reports of her Ministry, in the top ten destinations in the state attracting foreign tourists, no doubt, Agra, which is the seventh wonder of the world–the Taj Mahal–remained on the top.  The other nine cities included Fatepur Sikri, Sarnath, Varanasi, Jhansi, Allahabad, Lucknow, Kushinagar, Virindavan and Sravasti.

Prof Bahuguna talked at length about heritage properties being turned into heritage hotels. This, she said, while providing financial support to the erstwhile royalty,  will help to give a big thrust to tourism. She said that a  revamp of the tourism policy is going to have a big impact in promoting the tourism industry and along with it other sectors in Uttar Pradesh. The Ministry is ensuring a holistic policy that will cater to the taste buds of each and every kind of tourist. It will offer anything and everything on its soil–be it recreation and nature tourism, cuisine, historical, culture or religious tourism.

She accepted that for turning the state into a tourist-friendly place, good tourist attraction is not enough and it is the safety and security of the tourist that is prime. She said that her government is doing a lot in this direction and after the Investors Summit 2018 the message will go clear and loud that Uttar Pradesh is the state that they should not just visit as tourists but also as investors. This is the state they can reap rich harvests from.

Online system for identifying licensees that need to be inspected Submission of inspection report in 48 hours mandated

  • Time bound Service Delivery Clear timelines mandated through U.P. Janhit Guarantee Act

Fire Service Department

  • NOCs from Fire Department made Convenient Online application for provisional and final Fire NOC
  • Increased Transparency Third parties can to easily verify the approval certificates in the public domain on website
  • Timely Approvals Clear timelines mandated through U.P. Janhit Guarantee Act


By Kulsum Mustafa





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