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Uttar Pradesh : Anyone involved in cow slaughter to face 10-year jail term and Rs 5 lakh of fine

Updated: June 10, 2020 1:01 pm
The Uttar Pradesh government has amended the 65 years old cow slaughter act of state and made stringent provisions in a new ordinance to stop cow slaughter in the state. The State Cabinet yesterday approved Cow-Slaughter Prevention (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020. The amendments are aimed to protect the cow and prevent crimes related to cow slaughter.

Cabinet observed that although there have been amendments to the original act of 1955 but still some loopholes were there because of which it was not implemented properly and reports of illegal cow slaughter were coming from different parts of state. The people involved in cow slaughter were getting bail and again get involved in such acts.Under the new law, anyone found guilty of cow slaughter will have to face maximum 10-year jail term and Rs 5 lakh of fine.

The new section makes inflicting injury and torture with intent to endanger the life of a cow a punishable offence. To name and shame offenders, the government will also put out pictures of those indulging in cow slaughtering and harming them in prominent public places across the area they reside. In case someone does such a crime again after conviction then he will be punished with double penalty provided for this offense. Section 5 of the ordinance suggests punishment for transportation of bovine animals.

If someone puts the life of a cow in danger by not providing food and water with the intention of endangering their life, rigorous imprisonment may be awarded for at least 1 year, which may extend to 7 years. According to the proposed legislation, the expenditure incurred on the maintenance of the captured cows will be recovered from the owner of the vehicle for a period of one year or until the cow or bovine is released.

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