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US shuts down border with Mexico in view of COVID-19

Updated: March 21, 2020 11:52 am

The US has announced the closure of its southern border with Mexico for all non-essential travel from today. The US – Canada border has already been closed on Tuesday in view of the COVID – 19 outbreak.

More than 230 Americans have lost their lives to the virus and the number of confirmed cases jumped to over 18,000. New York, Washington and California are the three states with the highest number of infections. The state of Washington has the largest number of 74 fatalities so far, with over 1400 confirmed cases.

New York has registered over 7000 COVID – 19 cases with 39 deaths. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered that all non-essential business employees must stay at home and urged residents to stay indoors as much as possible. California, has reported a little over 1,000 confirmed cases and 21 deaths so far. In other restrictions, schools and colleges across the country have been closed. California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced a lockdown in the state asking its 40 million residents to stay at home indefinitely and venture outside only for essential needs.

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