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US Energy Department claims, Covid-19 epidemic due to leakage in China’s laboratory

Updated: February 27, 2023 2:49 pm

The Coronavirus, it has been said for a long time, has come out of a lab in China. But now a big revelation has been made in a new US report about this. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, the study by the 2021 US Energy Department said that the virus is probably derived from China’s lab. However, it said that it was not part of a weapon programme. That is, this virus was not being used to make a weapon.

The report said that this information has been revealed in a document from the office of National Intelligence Director Evril Hans. The document was associated with the emergence of this virus. The US has been saying since the beginning that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan Lab of China. However, the agency has said that its report is being released with ‘low confidence’. The Department of Energy oversees 17 American laboratory networks, including the areas of biology.

According to the WSJ report, the conclusion was a change from the earlier situation of the department that it was not decided how the virus emerged. The latest update, which is less than five pages, was not requested by the Congress, but the MPs, especially the House and the Senate Republican, are investigating the origin of the epidemic by themselves and for more information they are putting pressure on the Biden administration and intelligence agencies.

There are two conflicting theories about the origin of the coronavirus. The first is that it has reached humans of an unknown animal and second that it is leaked from the research lab of China in Wuhan. The Corona virus has been seen for the first time in China. After this, it spread almost all over the world in early 2020. According to WHO, 70 million people have died in the world so far due to the Coronavirus. The supply chain has been disrupted all over the world due to Corona.

Former US President Donald Trump also used the issue politically. He described the Coronavirus as China virus all over the world. The Department of Energy is contrary to the report of four other American intelligence agencies. Two agencies said in their conclusion that the epidemic spread into nature from an infected animal. At the same time, two agencies did not reach any decision. The CIA has not been able to decide yet whether the virus is naturally spread or leaked.

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