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UPA Enjoys Blasts Making Indians Victims Of Barbarism

Updated: September 24, 2011 3:13 pm

Ahigh-intensity bomb blast outside the Delhi High Court on September 7 rocked the city of Delhi and the central Government, led by the Congress. It shook them out of their slumber. Ironically, the same chosen venue, i.e. the Delhi High Court, witnessed a low-intensity explosion that took place ou­tside the Delhi High Court in the last week of May—just three and a half months ago—though then it did not cause any damage to life and property. It is a terribly sad reflection on the state of our intelligence agencies that notwithstanding the existing security apparatus, blasts occur at regular intervals and at will. It only shows that India is slowly becoming a soft target for terror strikes. There is little or no purpose in identifying the culprits when there is lack of political will and a fool-proof mechanism in place to prevent such attacks in the first place. Soon, the festive season will arrive and major cities might face serious threats. We do not realise that after 9/11, the US has never experienced the repeat of the gory date of terror. There can be many hands behind a terror plot and we must find concrete ways to hunt for the clues. The life of a common man is in jeopardy. There will be many images of the victims of terror, grieving families and never ending pain shown on television sets but no answers. Before blaming our neighbours, we should identify the fundamentalist forces working within the country, who use the country’s very own resources to mastermind the inner machinations. Pakistan has a win-win situation because it knows that India just does not have the guts to retaliate. All that we can do is run to Washington to complain. In fact, all terrorist attacks in the country owe their success to the plight of our Intelligence system—that is why we witnessed another blast and more deaths in Delhi. And all that our government has to say is that security has been beefed up across the country and sensitive spots are on high alert. This is the only litany we hear every time a terror attack occurs. How does this safeguard our porous security apparatus? Many countries have implemented successful anti-terror strategies and we continue to repeat the same statements. We need security to check blasts. We are increasingly becoming frustrated with routine statements such as “a cowardly act,” “we will take steps” and other catchy phrases after such shocks. There has to be an all-party political meet to take steps in tackling terror. A united political front is the first step towards combating terror, which has to be considered a national issue.

I am amazed by one thing that the US can kill Saddam, Osama in other nations after the twin tower incidents. But, we Indians need to exhibit patience even after 1993 blasts, Kargil war, Parliament attack, train blasts, 26/11 attack, and now yesterday—and—is this tall standing list going to end in coming years? Millions of innocent people and thousand of cops have lost their lives, fighting terrorism but the thirst for human blood of the creators and fumigators of terrorists has not been quenched so far. Terrorism has been defined differently by experts. Terrorist strikes are sometimes euphemistically referred to as ‘political crimes’. Killing of civilians for any purpose in a conflict is terrorism. Terrorism has encored a global issue of late. It has assumed the global centre-stage on September 2001, when America was attacked for the first time in nearly the last two centuries. Terrorism has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Indian government again and again drew the attention of US’ appeasement policy towards Pakistan. Appeasement of devilish elements can result in more unforeseen catastrophe. India has to fight its own terrorism being aided and abetted by the neighbouring countries. How can we expect that the USA or Britain will feel the pinch of terrorists attacks in India? To look for support from either of them would be a folly. Just like any other country, we have to empower ourselves, we have to tackle our problems in our own ways. Terrorism has to be dealt firmly with determined efforts and indomitable courage and political will with full support of all political parties and every citizen. All politicians should endorse the fact that terrorism has no religion. Linking terror acts or terrorists to a community will definitely sabotage religious sentiments. Political parties should desist from playing the communal cards while dealing with the terror menace. A rational and scientific approach is the need of the hour to terrorism-related issues. It may be recalled that Parliament had unanimously condemned the Mumbai terror attacks. This togetherness emphasised the need for being united and resolute against terrorism. It is time the country’s political class stopped playing petty politics over terrorism. Unity holds the key to defeating terrorism. Therefore, the political parties should sink their differences and stand shoulder to shoulder against terrorism—and overcome.

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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