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UP: Protest against renovation of mosque in Banda; VHP-Bajrang Dal threw construction material

Updated: February 16, 2023 3:59 pm

After the violence between two communities in Palamu, Jharkhand, now there is news of tension in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. During the renovation of the mosque, tension has increased due to the uproar between VHP and Bajrang Dal. VHP and Bajrang Dal opposed the construction. The ruckus increased so much that the construction materials and shuttering were thrown on the road.

Bajrang Dal workers created a ruckus over the new construction of a religious place in Banda district. They blocked the road and demanded to stop the construction. They tried to demolish the construction material kept outside. On the persuasion of the police, they agreed and ended the jam. On the other hand, the Bundelkhand Insaf Sena has sent a memorandum to the Chief Minister demanding action against those who created ruckus.

Bajrang Dal workers blocked the road by parking bikes near Padmakar Chauraha of the city. The ongoing construction in the religious place was stopped. It is alleged that work is being done without a map. There was an uproar for about an hour. Many school buses were also stuck due to the blockade by the workers. The police remained mute spectators. Kotwali in-charge Inspector Shyambabu Shukla said that the protesters alleged that permission was taken for the renovation of the religious place but the lenter was being put up on the second floor. Work on this has been stopped with immediate effect.

Both the parties are being sent before the City Magistrate to resolve the issue. On the other hand, Bundelkhand Insaf Sena national president AS Nomani condemned the ruckus. By sending a memorandum to the Chief Minister, he has demanded action against those who spoiled the culture of Ganga-Jamuni. He said that because of some people the image of the government is being tarnished. There is an attempt to spoil the atmosphere of the city which is a symbol of unity. Action should be taken by registering a report against the workers who created ruckus.

Vishva Hindu Parishad District President Chandramohan Bedi said that the Deputy District Magistrate had given permission to the operator of the mosque regarding the renovation of the mosque. But, under its guise, construction work is being done on the second floor above the mosque, which is wrong and we have gathered here to protest against this and have stopped the construction work.

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