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Unwelcome Presence

Updated: July 16, 2011 10:41 am

Talking about Venkaiah Naidu, the third time-nominated Rajya Sabha member by the BJP from Karnataka, all one has to do is to envy his position, power and prowess. But all that shines is not gold. Similarly, though Naidu has retained his previous position, there is a considerable decline in his power. Recently, a set of several incidents proved his lacklusterness in the BJP. Firstly, his presence in an inaugural function of the party office at Bengaluru, went unnoticed and unseen, secondly, in one such event, his name did not even get a mention in the party’s invitation cards while names of many other junior leaders were there, and lastly, he was almost tormented by being offered a seat on the dais but not invited for a speech. A case of forbidden “apple”—isn’t it?

Congressi Chasma

The culture of sycophants is very rampant in the Congress. Now its virus has seemingly infected the media reporters covering the Congress. Few days ago, when party spokesperson Janardan Dwivedi was briefing the press and making allegations against Baba Ramdev, a person, said to be a mediaperson, went to the dais showing him a shoe in his hand. All the Congress workers ran to him, caught him and beaten him up severely. This seems normal but it was quite surprising to observe that some press reporters too were among the workers beating up the said journalist—perhapes they were too eager to show their loyalty to the Congress party. The Congress too appreciated their efforts and gifted one journalist, whose spectacle was broken in that incident, a brand new spectacle. Now many beat reporters of Congress comments with amusement: “See, he is looking through the Congressi chasma.”

In Troubled Water

The trouble-shooter of the UPA government Pranab Mukherjee had caused a big trouble for the Congress party when he had written a letter regarding spying in his office. While the BJP was targeting the Congress for internal mistrust and observing the whole issue as a serious threat to country’s security, the Congress brushed aside the issue. It is not a hidden fact that Pranab Da was not very happy with Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Recently, when a senior party spokesperson was asked about the issue, he laughed and said: That chewing gum must have come there through any tantra-mantra.


Sonia Gandhi deserves all praise for introducing the Right to Information (RTI) Act in the country, but ironically Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, whose chairperson is Sonia Gandhi herself, has been kept out of the purview of this RTI. Interestingly, the land on which the foundation is now situated in New Delhi was allotted to the Congress to build its headquarters, but Sonia usurped it. What is furthermore amazing is that the Foundation was initially built with the forced donations from politicians, industrialists, bureaucrats etc, and is running on the substantial aids from the government. In spite of these facts, the Foundation is out of reach for the countrymen. And this means that if Sonia wishes to know anything about anybody in the country, she can easily know, but others, who want to know about her, and about her foundation, cannot.

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