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Unresolved Anger

Updated: August 13, 2011 1:12 pm

The emotion of anger is yet another big stumbling block in our life. Unresolved anger will not serve any one, worry will not serve, doubting your self-worth also will not serve you in this New Age, and these actions go against the very principles of a spiritually aware person.

            Anger has an agenda, and love does not. It is against the very nature of God to be angry, and yet each human gets into anger very often. Anger is the reaction of dissatisfaction over something. Dissatisfaction arises from expectation. The negative emotion of dissatisfaction spills around us either with words (speech), or in action and sometimes even in writing. Speech or words served in a platter is the base of love or anger. Every word we speak is energy and the energy is God. That is why it is said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” Speech is very limited, majority of our words spoken today was an expression of human beings for the ordinary purposes of everyday life. True evolution consists in learning to use speech, writing, forms and images to attain a divine result that is how one taps the energy of the spiritual world. By connecting with higher intelligence we bring elements of the divinity into play so as to create only what is good, beautiful and right for our evolution.

            When we speak or write, we combine letters and words, using them as the means by which we create. In this way, by our speech or expression, we create joy, trust, love, and light in others, by the same means we can also create sorrow, darkness, illness, and despair instead. The speech and action created with anger has the most dangerous effect around us. In anger we do not pronounce good and beautiful words. Speech minus Anger is Love. May be we don’t accept the negative ego of anger sitting inside us, so why not check the quality of our speech in our day-to-day life to know whether we create anger around us?

1) Do I speak and act soothing to others?

2) Are my words and action enlightening?

3) Through my speech am I warm and loving?

4) Do I encourage and strengthen others through my speech?

5) Do I have a habit of criticising others and situations?

6) Am I blunt or direct to the extend that my speech is hurting?

7) Do I speak without any reality in it?

8) Do I speak more about the past specially the bitter memories?

9) Do I say, “I only said for his own good and I was only being sincere,” after I had been   rude?

Examine your action, speech and other expressions; examine your life that God has given you. Contemplate all its manifestations, look at your God partner and say, “From now onwards, I speak and act only with a view to be soothing, enlightening, warming, loving, encouraging and strengthening to all souls around me.”

            The spoken words are a two edged sword. They can be used with equal effectiveness to enlighten, help, liberate and encourage others or to deceive, injure, enslave or destroy them. How many broken friendships and domestic tragedies are caused by a few spiteful words or harsh words. With a simple word spoken with love can build a long lasting friendship and with another harsh word, everything can be destroyed. So those who know the power of speech take care never to say any negative words. Many of you might not be aware that there are many malicious spirits or evil forces, who take hold of negative words, to carry out their evil designs. That is why it said that we should be careful of what we say, for even if we really don’t mean any harm, still evil forces can use the matter supplied by your negative words to make them to reality. Out of anger arise criticism, curses, and even vows at times.

            To conclude, always analyse yourself and ask whether you speak thoughtless, or malicious or exaggerated or even ruthless. After you have analysed always try to guard your tongue, if you are true to yourself you will immediately come to know the result. Once you realise your words were damaging don’t hesitate to apologies. Always remember man alone possesses the power of speech.

 By Maa Shyama

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