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Unpretentious gadkari

Updated: June 25, 2011 4:39 pm


The BJP had staged a 24-hour-long satyagraha at Rajghat, New Delhi. It started at 7 pm and all the leaders were expected to stay there the whole night. One of the senior leaders was seen asking as to who is going to stay or not in the night so as to make all the necessary arrangements for those staying in the night, as many leaders including that said leader had given their consent. But in reality, it was that leader who was the first person to go home and was followed by other senior leaders. But the national BJP president Nitin Gadkari, who has a big business empire of his own, not only stayed there the whole night, but also slept on the stage peacefully, along with senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh.

            On the second day of the satyagraha, one of its spokesperson was seen very busy talking to the mediapersons on phone. Actually he was trying to hush up the stories being aired by some channels regarding the dance of party’s senior leader Sushma Swaraj on a patriotic song on the previous night. It is important to note that while reporting the satyagraha of the BJP, many channels showed her dance promptly and seeing that she got very disturbed.

Congress’ salvo backfired

The issue of nationality of Acharya Balkrishna, a close aide of Baba Ramdev, raised by a loud-mouthed Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh, has boomeranged on the Congress. Digvijay Singh has alleged that “Nepali” Balkrishna is not a citizen of India and his passport should be checked. But his allegations has only reminded the people of a three-time Congress MP Moni Kumar Subba from Assam. He had befooled the entire administration about his citizenship, despite being a fugitive Nepali. It is questioned that when the Congress could promote a Nepali citizen, having a criminal background, to the post of MP, how could it question the nationality of Acharya Balkrishna, who, though he has Nepali parents, was born and brought up in India.

Look who’s talking!

A recent criticism of Yeddyurappa government by the senior-most leader of the BJP, LK Advani, has increased problems for Yeddyurappa. Advani, while comparing all the BJP-ruled states, awarded the lowest rank to Karnataka, saying its administration is the worst. However, his remark has also initiated a debate within the party about the rivals of Yeddyurappa. A senior leader commented that Advani did not question the other leaders from the state, his leading followers and real trouble-makers for Yeddyurappa, as to how they had earned so much money.

Sonia’s double-standard

It is an irony that while the UPA government had given a green signal to the police to act brutally against the movement led by a Hindu sanyasi, Baba Ramdev, its chairperson Sonia Gandhi had sent two senior Congressmen to offer a chadar to a Muslim holy shrine Ajmer Sharif. It is believed that PM Manmohan Singh was in the favour of dialogue with Baba Ramdev instead of police action, but Sonia and Rahul were not interested to give any kind of importance to a Hindu Yoga Guru.

“Proud Marxist”

BJD leader Pyarimohan Mohapatra, who is also known as the “shadow” Chief Minister of Odisha, loves communism. Recently, he declared himself a true and hardcore Marxist. He was speaking at a seminar on India-China relations in New Delhi. People present at the seminar were shocked when Mohapatra declared himself a Marxist and said that he was a Marxist from the core of his heart and he was pained by the skirmishes along the India-China border. After his speech, several eminent persons among the audience wondered if he was a hardcore Marxist, then instead of working for BJD, why he had not joined the Communist party to save its political future in India.

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