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Unmasking Urban Naxals

Updated: September 21, 2018 4:48 pm

The liberal/secular media is clearly batting for the “activists”, arrested by Pune Police and is vilifying the government. These “activists” have been on the radar of the intelligence agencies for long. They have been accused earlier too of being hand in glove with the Maoists. One hopes the Pune Police will file a foolproof charge-sheet against them. These people take advantage of the rights and liberties enshrined in our Constitution and misuse them to further their own agenda. There is difference between having a different opinion and irrational, whimsical, motivated criminal act. A constructive criticism of government policies and following a different political line is well accepted in democracy and in India also it is well accepted even today. But hatching a political conspiracy in the veil of freedom of expression to overthrow your political opponent (as you are not able to do so in legal electoral process) is definitely not acceptable and should be dealt with all legal courses available. The liberal/secular is having the assumption that people are innocent at first place. We should not forget that the court also has not set them free and has ordered house arrest. Point to be noted is that all those who were arrested have history of

earlier arrest and some of them have served the jail term also. If the left-leaning “activists” have sympathy for the oppressed it is understandable. My query is this: are these activists against the NDA government or against suppression of poor? Further, many of these left-leaning “activists” believe that existing laws are anti-poor. But this scenario remained unchanged during the regime of the Congress government, but these “activists” then maintained a studied silence. Can this fact be overlooked?

What is more, while the violent wing of Naxalism wages war on the State in jungles, these “activists” provide pipelines for arms and money to reach jungles. The evidence gathered against the “activists” “clearly show that they were involved in selecting and encouraging cadres to go underground in ‘struggle area’, mobilizing and distributing money, facilitating selection and purchase of arms, deciding the rates of such arms and suggesting the routes and ways of smuggling such arms into India for its onward distribution amongst the cadres,” reads the affidavit filed by the Maharashtra government. If this is actually true, then this cannot be justified under any circumstances. Which peace-loving citizen of India will behave like this? Undoubtedly, Supreme Court is absolutely right when it says that “dissent is the safety valve of democracy” but it has to be within certain limits! What all has been listed in the affidavit filed by the Maharashtra government is not dissent but it is the most dangerous war being planned with the help of foreign powers who are inimical to India with the sole purpose of disintegrating India as foreign powers like Pakistan keep wishing also! Which nation will ever allow this to happen? It must be said clearly and categorically that it would not be right to pass judgment on these accused being actually urban Naxalites, as the matter is sub judice, but certainly it must be investigated fully and deeply as to what is the real truth. There must be no witch hunting, but if any link of them is found with Naxalite terror groups, then they must be made to face the music of law and should not be allowed to escape under the garb of right to dissent. It cannot be gainsaid that no right to dissent can ever include the right to disintegrate India under any circumstances.


By Deepak Kumar Rath



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