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Unmasking India Haters

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: February 15, 2021 8:08 pm

Non-violent and peaceful protests or agitations over their demands are the democratic right of the agitators. And there is always a place for it in democracy. It is also helpful in eliminating the deadlock and communication gap between the government and the public. But for the last few years, it has been seen that whether it is the movement of students in JNU-Jamia-AMU or the agitation in Shaheen Bagh against Citizenship Amendment Act, or whether it is the farmers agitation, all these movements have been violent and chaotic in their original nature. Hijacking or taking hostage the country’s capital and law system with its demands, indirectly putting pressure on the democratic government, damage to government and public property, blocking main routes of movement, vandalising private and government vehicles, insulting national symbols and national flag, committing violence, bloodshed, etc. have been the common feature. These agitations have tarnished the country’s image in the world. So much so that the farmers agitation has given an opportunity to India haters in the world to corner India. And their anti-India campaign is substantiated by some of the following facts. There are reports of some so-called international celebrities getting $ 2.5 million each in return for a tweet made in support of the farmers’ movement. Among these so-called celebrities there are two women who do not think beyond the physical pleasure of the body of a woman. Not only this, the alleged environmentalist Greta Thunberg first shares and then removes the toolkit related to the farmers’ movement, which in itself raises many serious questions. What is more, the government directed Twitter to close 1178 Twitter accounts and delete their tweets. It was alleged that these accounts belong to Khalistan supporters who are spreading inflammatory and controversial news. But no action is taken from Twitter. Earlier, the government also asked Twitter to close 257 accounts, which were blocked by Twitter but later were unblocked.

Against this backdrop, it can be said that the violence on 26 January was the tragic culmination of a well-planned conspiracy. It is no wonder that anti-national external and internal forces are involved in this conspiracy. This is indeed a direct challenge to the sovereignty of our country. For this, social media was misused by big planning. People were instigated for violent agitation through Facebook-Twitter etc., as 26th January was chosen to attract the attention of the whole world to destabilise an elected democratic government. The anti-India brigade’s preparation can be gauged from the fact that it contacted big names in the country and abroad to illicit support for its  efforts. It continually campaigned in countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK etc. Even though the star status has made itself the face of the movement, it is certain that the support of celebrities like Rehana, Mian Khalifa, Greta Thunberg would not have been possible without paying a price. That these glowing star faces, who are adept at the art of selling even a smile, have tweeted out of the anguish of farmers is an absolutely pneumatic, romantic idea. Yes, these celebrities’ condolences to the farmers would have made some sense, if they had the true idea of India’s diversity and about the intent and content of farm laws. The guidelines, programmes and plans revealed by Greta Thunberg’s toolkit have exposed these conspirators. The tweet may have been deleted by Greta in the face of widespread criticism and apprehension of revelation of the script behind the story, but it has exposed the national and international intrigues behind this movement. Even after knowing and understanding all this, if we are still calling it a movement of innocent farmers, then we are either completely imprudent or naive. Even a layman knows that the farmer movement has become directionless, as its source is now in the hands of backstage players. If we still do not come out of the slumber, it will really be too late.


By Deepak Kumar Rath


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