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Unique Compilation Of Creative Imagination

Updated: July 10, 2010 2:37 pm

Whispering Mind is a collection of poetries written by KP Shashidharan. The book takes a sweepingly comprehensive view of life, both cosmic and real. Hapiness is a state of mind. Quite often many of us do not even find time to relax and reflect. The poems in the book take the reader through many existing twists and turns in life exposing a varied spectrum of life of human beings around the world. In fact, the book is the love story of Yin and Yang, the negative and positive vibes in the world. The book explains that the belief in the inner energy and its linkage with the supreme energy flow in the universe helps those who are depressed and hungry for love. At the higher realms of science and religion, physics and metaphysics, explanations to the origin of the universe and life converge. As per the mythology, there was an abyss or Yin in the very beginning and the light or Yang came subsequently. They are present everywhere in the universe as complementary parts making a whole. So they appear here too. Every poem in the book has different story to tell and a message to the reader to reflect on. The book contains three themes, i.e. “Spectrum of Life”, “Rainbow of Love”, and “Towards Awareness, Enlightenment and Bliss”, which are interconnected with an interesting and convincing story line on the drama called life that we enact in the world.

            It is fascinating to know that the writer, who is currently working as Director General (Commercial) at Comptroller and Auditor General of India’s office, exists as a poet and thrives amid the endless numbers and documents in the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. An alumnus of the London School of Economics, Shashidharan composed the 54 poems that have been compiled in the book in, what he calls, an effort to revive poetry as the language of the mind, heart, self and soul. One would be initially amazed that an auditor has come out with a book of poems. Most people don’t want to see an auditor, or listen to one, but here the writer has balanced his life’s balance sheet by being an auditor and writing poems. His poems are expressive and spread happiness. These poems cover all important aspects of life. The compositions are most impressive and understandable by everyone. There are poems on self-help, travelogue, green poems, life stories, fables, social themes, life principles, fiction, mantra, tantra, mysticism, spirituality. The variety of subjects like shades of life, love, bliss; encapsulating life principles and ideas may appeal to every group of people. Those who believe in celebrating joyful moments. And those who feel depressed, hungry for love or face tragedies in life, only belief in the inner energy, its connection with the supreme power in the universe may console the soul. Profound and immensely readable, this is a collection that feeds the soul as well as the mind.

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By Ashok Kumar

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